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    Mystery Box Perma Perk?

      So I was playing BURIED and hit the box. When I hit  their was a GREEN FLASH, I dont remember if it was after i got my gun or during rotation. Than the teddy bear sat on top of the closed box and the box was still their. It just would sit on top. Anyone know why?

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          Re: Mystery Box Perma Perk?




          Toy Box (Samantha's Teddy / Lucky Box / Care Bear / Mystery Box Upgrade):

          Uses; Decreased chance of getting "Bad" weapons form the Mystery Box

          Gained by; Hitting the box and picking up 3 - 5 "Bad" weapons

          Lost by; Round 10

          Note; "Bad" weapons include: MA81, Chicom CQB, FN FAL, SMR, Ballistic Knife, War Machine, RPG, Executioner, Python, Five-Seven, KAP-40, Barrett M82A1, or M1216

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            Re: Mystery Box Perma Perk?

            *Sigh* Its a perma-perk that you get after taking a gun from the boxes 7+ times. It increases the chance of you getting a good weapon. Its automatically lost at the start of round 10.

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              Re: Mystery Box Perma Perk?

              i went 5 barrett, 4 war machines, 2 smr and 1 five sevens. took 14 rounds before getting a machine gun. Did not bother me as i generally use wall weapons an had the b23r. moreso curious so kept hitting the box.


              it became comical after awhile so i just kept hitting it. Thought, geeze having a seriosly bad roll on the box. i'm due i'm due for something decent. lol


              To top it off, finally got a good gun, someone hit the timebomb and i lost it. Haha!

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