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    HELP NEEDED! MW3 Multiplayer: Connecting to the online services...

      Hello everyone. As you might know, many people are having this issue on MW3 PC "Connecting to online services..." and after about 30 seconds of connecting, the game gives this message for you: "ERROR   The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/mw3/status for updates.    EXIT"


      First of all, the game has worked normally for me for about 1 year, but recently after i had a few month's brake from MW3, I decided to make a comeback. But now this error comes, which I explained.


      [FYI] I didn't have to do any of this stuff, because the game worked normally for me back in the days.





      I have the minimum requirements for playing the game.

      I have portforwarded the 3074 port manually (though my router should do this automaticully).

      I have tried many of these "Fixing methods" but none of them haven't been helpful. Also, I haven't found a single article of ACTIVISION staff responding for a clear WORKING method for this error.

      My connection is about 35MB/sec (cable connection, not wireless). I have resetted my router also, didn't work.

      The MW3 servers are up and my other friends can play it normally.

      I have re-installed MW3, but it didn't work. Also I did the "Verify integrity of game cache..." thing at STEAM but it didn't work also.


      Please, can somebody give me any other advices? This stupid error is freaking me out! I want to get back to play and own ppl!

      If you need more information, just ask!


      P.S, Why is this forum the only place to get in touch with ACTIVISION staff? I couldn't find any way to get in touch with them, like send them a direct message or so.



      Yours trurly,