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    Ready For Ghosts!?  See Inside!

      How's it going?  I'm Vaynglorious and like you,

      I am excited for Call of Duty Ghosts!  With that being said, I'm putting together a few teams for multiplayer.  We are going to be a group of TDM players trying to get and hold the top spots in the leaderboard (being that the leaderboards stay the same like they did on MW3.)  If you are interested, feel free to add me on xBox Live.



      Gamertag - Vaynglorious

      KD's --- > [ BO - 5+ ] [ MW3 - 4+ ] [ BO2 - 3+ ]




      An Elite Clan may be made for this but I'm wanting to get my friend's list full for when this drops.  I'll be live streaming ( http://twitch.tv/vaynglorious ) the night it drops and playing for 24 hours straight giving away either xBox Live membership cards or Microsoft Currency cards throughout the event.  You don't have to follow to participate or even be playing with me.  Just be in the lobby.



      We need players who are dedicated and want to be the best.  Like I said, feel free to add me on xBox Live and I can discuss more if you are interested!  Thanks for reading.



      *Insert Virtual Potato Here.*