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      • 210. Re: Requests For the Devs
        • They should have like missions from comic storylines like Death of Gwen Stacy, Grim Hunt, and the Morlun one...................................................Man would it be Fun to fight Morlun.
        • More Quips
        • And being able to knock down buildings under construction like he did in the Comics
        • Being able to change your speed while your moving and fighting but when your fighting you have to build it up to unleash a fury of blasts like he does when he is fighting multiple of enemies or fighting people like the rhino.
        • Improve Web Rush by being able to move faster, swifter, and agile, through the inviroments like he does in the comics.
        • Alternate Costumes have their own unique abilities
        • Able to fight Famous Marvel heroes and villians ( I WANNA FIGHT THE HULK)
        • Having to be more strategic when you fight and battle causing you to think more about your moves and tactics.
        • Being able to stop more crimes around the city like saving ppl from burning buildings, stop gang wars, stop robberies and etc.
        • Fighting ppl like venom that is probably at the same speed and strenght as you make fights more exciting.
        • Fighting style like Spectacular Spider-Man(cartoon)
        • 211. Re: Requests For the Devs
          • Being able to use more things in the inviroment like getting a car and throwing it at the enemy and hitting people with fire hydrants and etc.
          • City wide fights and more bosses in a battle like battliing the Sinister Six or Dark Avengers and etc
          • Cool Action Cutscenes
          • Cool Remberable moments and fun atheltic moves
          • High Flying Battles
          • Defensive Stance( more dodging animations) Being able to dodge at any time.
          • Harder Bosses and Enemies
          • Spidey and Enemies yelling with funny banter at one another during fights


          • 212. Re: Requests For the Devs

            That would be awesome...(and very possible...)


            Q:Does the new Marvel Heroes MMO count as a Spiderman game,cause it has the character?

            • 213. Re: Requests For the Devs

              No it doesnt.

              • 214. Re: Requests For the Devs
                • The Way of The Spider should be a upgrade that changes the whole combat of the game.
                • There should be more stategic gameplay.
                • Able to change into Peter Parker.
                • Animations of spidey fixing web shooters when you make tech upgrades.
                • Able to jump higher and move faster on your feet.
                • Traditonal Poses should be in the game like the famous jump.
                • You could do more moves during Web Rush.
                • Instead of fighting some Criminals would try to run from you if these see that cant win
                • Able to use more of the enviroment during your fighting like throwing people in trash cans and throwing cans at people.
                • Random Boss Encounters
                • Their should be trains that you would have to save like in Spider-Man 2.
                • And you could run on them and have boss battles in different parts of the city.
                • More Enemies like... Electro, Vulture, Dr.Octupus, Green Goblin, Venom, Carnage, etc
                  Boss Battles should not be the samething over and over again like wait til they are open and then you hit them and fall back and do it again. Instead the villians should be able to catch on to what your doing and try to do something else just like the Mr.Freeze boss battle in Arkaham City
                • 215. Re: Requests For the Devs

                  Cool Cutscenes

                  • 216. Re: Requests For the Devs

                    Have the parkour like the new TMNT game but with a more spiderman feel and have a survivor mode cause that would let us test out are skills as spiderman on wards of enemys like 1 round normal enemies than they get harder and harder but than you have to fight bosses who are also leveled up



                    And if we fight a boss twice than have them fight differently than how they fought before with them having like a game plan


                    I would like to move faster as Spiderman

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