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    Lack of accessibility for Deaf on Zombies

      Since July 23, I made a post in Zombies fourm about how serious this zombies game lack of accessibility for Deaf players. No offical Treyarch nor Activison members ever message me or comment on this serious issue which need to be address right away.


      Captions: Characters and voices are in Zombies need to be captioned. It is totally not fair for us to miss out lot on these qoutes. Not many of us are able complete easter eggs because of "voices" which we cannot hear.


      Not only for Deaf, Hearing players also have hard time to hear or understand the voices.


      captions should be add in option for us to turn on or off.


      We bought it and waited too long. It is time for you to add CAPTIONS!


      Since you did include keyboard chat support for PC so why not for consoles? Deaf users of consoles need communicate with Hearing players via keybaord. None of us want go through consoles menu and go to their profile and message. Waste value time in Mutliplayer and Zombies.


      So we asking you to please include captions and if possible,keyboard chat support too. We know you are capable of this. Please consider this issue.


      EDIT: It has been a year. If you can't make it happen now then please make it happen in your future games! We all are frustrated not able to have communicate with teammates. Please end communicate barrier!