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    Like or dislike?

      Whats up guys and girls?!?!?!!? Heres another quick Zombies based question for you, do you guys like or dislike the looks of the newest zombies map Origins? Do you like how they are bringing back the old crew? Or would you rather the new crew? What are your thoughts on a new starter pistol? And the Zombie Tank, and most of all, what are your thoughts on the thousand foot robot that roams the landscape? You guys think there will be some kind of easter egg to go along with him, like something to do with Richtofens experiments or Maxis, or maybe it's something from the future sent back to stop Richtofen before his "Scientific experiments" get out of control. Do you like or dislike the fact that we never really saw the end of the orignal characters? (other than Richtofen) Would you like to see new melee weapons? Such as the axe Nikolai uses in the trailer, or the Katana Takeo uses? And heres the biggest question of them all, do you like or dislike the fact that Richtofen doesn't seem like his old crazy mad nazi scientist self? (I know that this map takes place before Richtofen teleported to griffin station touched the pyramid and went batshit insane) Let me know what your thoughts are you guys!!!!!!