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    Origins Item Locations

      Feel free to comment with any info you find and I'll try to keep this updated.



      There are 6 generators in the game. If you succesfully turn them on you get your points back. You must stay in the area but do NOT need to kill the special zombies that spawn (they don't give a lot of points). Costs to start the generator shown below:

      1 Player - 200

      2 Players - 400

      3 Players - 600

      4 Players - 800

      (thanks to Niek12)


      Musical Parts

      Part 1

      -- The Grammophone is found in the excavation site, it'll be on the floor when you go down the stairs. Place Gramophone in staircase of excavation site. Remember to always take your gramophone back when you are done.


      Part 2

      -- On a ledge in a trench near the blocked door to the church

      -- In the top area of the excavation site

      -- Upon entering No Mans Land, turn left towards Generator Station 4. Right behind the first Excavation Site sign by the small motor/generator.


      Staff Parts (Records and components)

      Part 1 (Red)

      -- (Record) On a crate on the left side of Generator 6 OR on the bench between the front of the tank and the bottom of the stairs (you don't need to move the tank to get this)

      -- Obtained from killing the Panzer robot (first appears on level 8 if No Mans Land is opened up).

      -- Shoot down the glowing red plane (after level 8) and it will drop a part which you need to pick up (it always drops next to the crate to the left of the entrance of No Mans Land)

      -- Turn on the 6th generator (others don't have to be on) and hit the box at Generator 6

      Part 2 (Yellow)

      -- (Record) By Generator Station 5 on a ledge

      -- Each of the 3 parts are in In one of the giant robots (How to get in giant robot)


      Part 3 (Purple)

      -- (Record) By Generator Station 4 on a table or ledge OR in the cart in the muddy area near Generator Station 4 OR in the bottom of the wind tunnel by Generator Station 4.

      -- You need to ride the tank which is under the church to get the 3 purple parts, then you'll see a area you can jump on to get the first part (Its on the right side.) then after the tank takes a break halfway through the route and you continue to ride it there will be a part on the left and the last one will be on the right again. (Have to jump to both of them like the first part.)

      Part 4 (Blue)

      -- (Record) In the bunker next to Generator Station 2 on a shelf (3 possible locations in the bunker: by main entrance, by Mystery Box, or by the back door)

      -- All of the blue parts have to be dug up, they spawn randomly when it is snowing.


      (thanks to Niek12 and Ninjambie for most of the music/staff part info)


      Maxis Drone

      Part 1

      -- In the tunnel behind the Church behind where the tank first spawns OR in the tank path behind the tank about half way down the path on the right side.


      Part 2

      -- In Labratory (starting room) on the table next to the stairs.


      Part 3

      --  In the Excavation Site by the 4 statues where you build the staffs (thanks to Niek12)


      Zombie Shield

      Part 1 (any of the locations below)

      -- In the "Fire" tunnel - Outside the first door to Generator Station 3 take an immediate left. The part is at the very end on a table.

      -- Out first door to Generator Station 3 by the wheelbarrow in the tunnel straight ahead

      -- By the box in the trench by Generator Station 3 (below the mystery box)


      Part 2 (any of the locations below)

      -- The second stepping area for the middle robot's right foot (Upon entering the No Mans Land area, go just to the right of the MP40 into the mud area where the middle robot steps with it's right foot. It should be in a corner to the right.)

      -- The third stepping area for the middle robot's right foot (In the muddy area between Generator Station 4 and the pathway towards the church and the Excavation Site)

      -- The fourth stepping area for the middle robot's right foot (Against the back wall in the muddy area with the crate behind Juggernog - near the MP40).


      Part 3 (any of the locations below)

      -- By the wheelbarrow out the door to Generator Station 2 in the first bunker

      -- In wheelbarrow (w/ Zombie in it) past Generator Station 2 and past the No Mans Land door at the dead end

      -- On top of the bunker by Generator Station 2 where the first robot steps with it's left foot


      Locations of Staff Tunnels aka Crazy Places (used to get the crystals for the staff)

      You need to build the Grammophone first and then place it on the table in these tunnels in order to open up the portal. This allows you to go in and grab the crystals for the staff you are building. Be sure to grab the Grammophone when you leave the tunnel. To build them you go to the bottom of the Excavation Site.


      Fire (Red) - Directly outside the first door of the Labratory on the way to Generator 3. Make a U-Turn to the left once you go out the door.

      Ice/Frost (Blue) - Under the church near Generator Station 6

      Wind (Yellow) - Near Generator Station 4/Juggernog (turn left when entering No Mans Land)

      Lightning (Purple) - Near Generator Station 5 (turn right when entering No Mans Land)


      Staff Effects (all have an area effect)

      Fire - Torches the zombies (Video)

      Ice - Freezes the zombies temporarily slowing them and then killing them (Video)

      Wind - Extreme burst of wind launching and killing the zombies (Video)

      Lightning - Electrocutes the zombies with bursts of electricity (Video)


      These staffs are all upgradable. The upgraded staves are stronger, have more ammo, and can charge up to create a larger blast. The names of these staves are as follows:

      Fire Staff -- Kagutsuchi's Blood

      Ice Staff -- ULL's Arrow (also with an attachment called Sekhmet's Vigor to revive other players like ballistic knives)

      Wind Staff -- Boreal's Fury

      Lightning Staff -- Kimat's Bite


      *Note - The upgraded staves all have the revive players attachment



      B235 (1000) - Outside the Labratory towards Generator Station 3 (stay left)

      B235 (1000) - Underneth the church in the ice tunnel


      Remington 870 MCS (900) - Outside the Labratory towards Generator Station 2 take the first left

      Remington 870 MCS (900) - In the "Lightning" tunnel in No Mans Land by Generator Station 5. On the first landing.

      Remington 870 MCS (900) - Behind Generator Station 6


      AK74U (1200) - Below Generator Station 3 by the steps

      AK74U (1200) - In the Excavation Site


      MP40 (1200) - Straight out of the No Mans Land Exit near the Excavation Center

      MP40 (1200) - In the mud pit behind Juggernog

      MP40 (1200) - In the bunker next to Generator Station 2


      Balista (500) - Starting Building by door to Station Generator 2

      Balista (often dug up from the dig piles)


      M14 (500) - Starting Room

      STG44 (1400) - At the top of the church

      STG44 (1400) - Under the Excavation Site




      Equipment / Grenades

      Claymores (1000) - Outside the Labratory towards Generator Station 2 in the first tunnel

      Claymores (1000) - By Generator Station 4

      Claymores (1000) - By Generator Station 5


      Semtex (250) - Heading towards Generator Station 3 take the last left before going into the Generator Station 3 door

      Semtex (250) - Bottom of the church by the front of the tank.



      Quick Revive (500 solo, 1500 multiplayer) - In Starting Building by Generator 1

      Speed Cola (3000) - In the mud by Generator 3 (first robot's right foot)

      Stamin-Up (2000) - By Generator 5

      Juggernaug (2500) - By Generator 4

      Mule Kick (4000) - In Excavation Site Tunnel


      Random Perks

      There are perk-a-cola machines throughout the map. You can use the active machine to buy a random perk for 1500 points. You can only buy 4 perks.



      Located at the top of the Excavation Site. All 6 Generators must be turned on in order to use it.



      By the M14 in the inital spawn in the Labratory

      By first door to Generator Station 3 in starting building

      "Wind" Ramp next to Generator Station 4 in No Mans Land going underground. At the bottom of the first landing to the left of the Buildable Table

      The forth shovel is at the back of the tank underneath the church.


      After you dig up enough items (anywhere from 50-75) your shovel will turn Gold. It only lasts for that game and is also per person, not as a team. From that point on, the items you dig up are more likely to be rare or better. When combined w/ Zombie Blood you may be able to see some "red" dig sites that provide perks. If you continue to dig you may get a Golden Helmet. This protects you from being crushed by the robots feet.


      Musical Easter Egg #1

      This will play "Archangel" featuring Eliena Seigman. Hold in X (or PS Equivelent) next to the Green Glowing Rocks to activate the item. No prompt will show up but you will hear a confirmation sound.


      Green glowing rock by the first door to Generator Station 3 in starting building

      Green glowing rock under the shelves in No Mans Land building on the top level by the exit door

      Green glowing rock by the Excavation Site when you walk up it and go left just before the part you can jump down (thanks to PFISH1). You may need to lay down to activate it. The 3rd part may not activate till at least round 6.


      Musical Easter Egg #2

      This will play "Shepherd of Fire" by Avenged Sevenfold. It is achieved by activating three red dialed radios (as opposed to the normal white ones). Hold in X (or PS Equivelent) to activate it. No prompt will show up and you will not hear a confirmation sound.

      Radio 1 - In the Excavation Site on the scaffolding

      Radio 2 - In the "Crazy Place", where you go to get the crystals for the staffs, on the ground near the fire area.

      Radio 3 - In the robot that walks over the church


      Buildable Stations

      Bottom level of No Mans Land building

      "Wind" Ramp next to Generator 4 in No Mans Land going underground. At the bottom of the first landing is the Table

      Underneath the church by the tank


      Chest Locations (to fill Zombie souls)

      -- After entering No Mans Land, turn left. Go past the Excavation site. The area at the bottom of the ramp has the chest. (2nd stepping spot for the middle robot)

      -- Next to Generator 5 (1st stepping spot for the middle robot with it's right foot)

      -- Just after the opening to the path to the church (church robot's stepping spot for left foot)

      -- Behind Generator 4 and Juggernog (4th stepping spot for the middle robot with it's right foot)


      You need to fill each Chest with enough zombies. Wait till the zombies get into the area to start killing them. Once completed, the box will close and disappear. If a robot steps on the box you will have to start over.


      Air Strike Grenades (similar to Monkeys) - Video

      -- tablets found on table in back of tank station (next to generator 2 near the mud)

      -- tablets must be cleansed in church holy water with zombie souls (using only thunder fists)

      -- tablets must be returned to tank station (without getting dirty {holder stepping in mud})

      -- souls must be fed to tablets (only using thunder fists)


      The easiest path back is to grab your tablet, drop down the hole in the floor next to the buildable table, jump onto the tank, ride the tank all the way to the bunker next to generator 2 where it stops.  Run and jump off the tank into the stairway into the back of the bunker. Put the tablet back on the table and proceed to kill some zombies with your fists until it is completed.


      Challenge Box Locations

      -- In the starting laboratory between the bunk beds

      -- Next to Generator Station 6



      Look at the tablets above the Challenge Boxes to see the challenges you need to complete.

      Max Ammo - Activate all 6 generators (per player)

      Pack-A-Punched Gun (STG, Scar-H, or Galil) - Get 150 normal zombie headshots (per player)

      Random Perk - Spend 30,000 points (per player)

      Thunder Fists - Fill all 4 crates with Zombie Souls (entire team)


      Other Items you can get out of the challenge box:

      Zombie Blood - Turn on Generator 1 on Easy Difficulty

      Double Points - Turn on Generator 1 on Normal Difficulty

      3rd Red Staff Part - Turn on Generator 6


      Free Weapon: Magna Collider (Pack-a-Punched MG08/15)

      Build the maxis drone (see above for parts and locations) and pick it up. Then take the drone to the 4 locations below so it can pick up 4 discs:

      1) Left stepping spot for the robot by the church (disc is on top of the church)

      2) By generator 5 (disc is on the roof)

      3) Just outside the laboratory out the entrance to Generator Station 2 (disc is in the burning rubble)

      4) At the top of the Excavation site (disc is on a ledge)


      The free Magna Collider will be waiting for you by the Pack-A-Punch machine


      Myster Box Confirmed Items (initial list from timelordalex in another thread)






      Skorpion Evo




      Five Sevens


      AK74u (with attachments such as extended clip)

      B23R (with attachments such as extended clip)

      MP40 (with attachments such as extended clip)

      STG  (with attachments such as extended clip)

      War Machine (of course, how could it not return)