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    Opt Out Squads?

      Will it be possible to opt out of offline squad challenges? In other words if you have not created more than one squad member or changed them will it be possible to opt out of the offline squad battles? If not I can see this being a problem for some as they would be constantly chosen to be battled against just because they would be easy prey for those will fully customized squads.

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          Good question. I would hope that Squads would be matched up with similar squads with the same number of leveled team mates. My understanding is that you create more squad members as you level. So, if I have leveled enough to create 3 squad members. Then my squad should be put up against another 3 member squad.

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            I'm sure they have something in place for this. I can certainly see there being an element of boosting, where a friend could set up their squad to suck, so that their buddy could constantly play against them and slaughter.


            I would guess they match you against people your level.

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              Both of you who have replied express my own feelings and concerns at some level on this. It would be easy to boost, would be unfairly matched against larger squads or better leveled squads with better equipment. Hopefully they make it where you ahve to chose the map and game mode before your squad can be challenged, or make it where it takes having a set number of squad members created before you can participate or be challenged.