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    How Infinity Ward should deal with Quickscopers.


      Honestly QS'ing has become a part of the game, even though it started out as an exploit of the game engine. BUT I think it is WAY to easy to do. The way they should fix it is they should just take out the aim assist for snipers. That way there wont be a ton of quickscopers and the ones who do QS are actually good. Im a feeder with a youtube and I honestly think it was too easy in BO2.

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          Why could this not have been posted in one of the other hundreds of threads we already have for quickscoping?

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            We shall see. Honestly, I'm actually use to it since I started seeing it back in the MW2 days. It's not that big of a deal as long as it's not too easy IMO.


            Plus, in the Gamescom preview, there was one clip where a player no zoomed a player with what looked like a sniper rifle. It's accuracy seemed pretty ridiculous but I guess we will find out when the game actually comes out. 

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              It's never stopped being an exploit.

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                On the PC platform there isn't any aim assist, and quickscoping is still a problem. Why? First of all, it lets players completely circumvent hip spread. Second, it completely circumvents sight sway. Obviously both are there for a reason. I don't blame players for trying to weasel out of these mechanics, but in any case we need to confront the reality that sniper rifles as they currently are just can't be used as intended.


                A big part of that is the hectic mess that all maps seem to turn into. The spawns jumble both teams up into a close range clusterf***, and the visual obstructions prevent you from being able to line up a shot until you're in close combat. That being the case, its no wonder that hardly anyone ever gets the chance to actually 'snipe'.


                Not only that, but actual 'sniping' means you have to spend time steadying out and lining up a deliberate shot. Staying still for that long, regardless to how many stealth perks you've stacked up, is suicidal. Doesn't help either that hit detection and lag compensation tend to ruin things.


                So how will this ever be fixed? First of all, long range combat has to become a reality. That means a great deal of work to the maps and spawn system, lord only knows how long that will take. The sniper rifles themselves should also behave like sniper rifles, once they have the chance to do so in the first place. Again, no telling how many COD games will come out before that happens.

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                  Are you saying quickscoping should be removed completely?

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                    Having never QS'ed in my entire life, it really doesn't bother me that other people do.


                    Not to get too meta here, but my philosophy (and one that carries over to all aspects of life) is that a challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Challenges light a fire in my bones that I can't put out until I overcome it.


                    One of my all time favorites was from COD4:MW in HC:S&D. After the game had been out for a few years, the beginning of each round turned into weathering an absolute onslaught of noob tubes. Everyone seemed to run overkill and would fire 4 tubes as fast as they could at the beginning of the map. It was almost hilarious how good people got at it, to where many rounds 5/6 member of a team would be dead within 5 seconds of starting. The game devolved into the quick and the dead.


                    But, it made me a better and sharper player. And when I learned where to run to the left or the right at the start of the map, I had an advantage over the enemy, as they had spent an attachment on something they had already used. And let me tell you, there is no better feeling than running a suppressed weapon w/ all of the stealth perks on and slowly hunting down all 6 members of the opposite team when you're the only one left on your team.


                    I could say the same for 3 frags, 2 claymores, heavily defensible positions, camping, drop shotting, etc.... These are all things that people whined about so much and unfortunately many developers listened to them.


                    Personally, I've always enjoyed being pitted against a superior enemy and being the underdog.


                    What does that have to do w/ QSing? Well, QSing is a challenge to be usurped. I can't say for sure I know how to do it, but I will figure out a way.

                    Adapt and overcome, folks. Learn it in a video game and then incorporate it into your life.

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                      Solving quickscoping:


                      1: Make the sight appear in a random sway-position, not centered.


                      2: Make the sniper require a hit to the chest, not arms -- but make the sway SLOW so that snipers have a good chance of hitting WHEN THEY AIM.

                      AND make sure that bullets hit the best point of entry, preferably by drawing a line back at the sniper from the final location of the bullet, giving the best hit out of those two entrypoints for each enemy in the bullet's path.


                      3: On high sensitivity settings, have the sight jiggle when moving fast -- that is, let it be completely misaligned with the center of the screen AND pointing in the wrong direction, obscuring the direction the weapon is facing AND what you would be aiming at, for as long as you turn around at super-human speed.

                      Possibly, make weapons have a max turn speed, the heavier the slower, and have them linger on the side of the screen until the character stops spinning faster than the weapon before it centers.


                      Apply the above to all weapons, not just snipers.

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                        Taking off aim assist for snipers would be a bad idea because the reason we have aim assist is because controllers aren't as accurate as a mouse when aiming so this would damage regular sniping as well.

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                          These threads and discussions about quickscoping always tickle me. Reason being that I play on PC and quickscoping is still a thing without any form of aim assist present. As a former console player myself, I know you don't realize how much you need aim assist with a controller, but it is a needed function because analog sticks on a controller are by no means pinpoint accurate. They have things like dead zones, turn acceleration, etc. There is no FPS/TPS on console that doesn't have some form of aim assist enabled by default.


                          You propose removing one of the most important functions of a shooter on console in terms of accuracy from a gun class, who's defining characteristic is accuracy. Aim assist is not the problem, the problem is the map design of the last 3 COD games and possibly 4 if Ghosts continues the pattern of small tight maps with a severe lack of long sightlines. If the maps were larger and a bit more sniper/long range friendly they could tweak sniper rifles to perform properly. Fact is without quickscoping being present in the last 3 releases sniper rifles would be almost completely pointless.

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                            Learn to adapt there is nothing wrong with quickscoping all they need to do is remove aim assist from all guns and keep sticky aim basically making aiming just like CoD4 basically if they stop catering to garbage complainers like you the game will be good.

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                                wow your ignorant... target assist/aim assist/sticky aim are all the same thing..... and since i heard the news that COD ghost might completely remove Aim assist from the sniper class ive been sniping on BO2 with TargetAssist turned off... sure its a little harder but i still win FFAs with only my sniper,,,, so get rid of  target assist/aim assist/sticky aim whatever you decide to call it doesnt really bother me...i just cant wait to hear all the people complaining on how im not supposed to be able to quickscope them in Ghosts.

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                                    Way to prove everyone's theory about how quickscopers are 6 year olds who attack anyone who disagrees and okay you are skilled quickscoper I am talking about the unskilled ones who have their aim assist maxed out and do nothing but boost in Search and Destroy to set up trick shots and exploit the spawns to get feeds. Yea and you will scream about how I shouldn't be able to snipe you . Your ignorance shows a lot because if you look at past posts I have been defending quickscopers since the beginning now I am starting to wonder why I even defended them because of people like you.

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                                  Anyone who supports quickscoping supports an unbalanced game.

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                                    I say the most useful and lasting solution is to give snipers the opportunity to behave like... snipers. But that means a radical change to the way maps and spawns work. As things have been in the last several COD titles, the maps have completely focused on close combat. Even in large maps, useful shooting positions for ranged combat are few and far between. Most of the open space stays empty, and the few rare positions that actually give a worthwhile vantage point are well-known and have a dozen possible flanking routes. Using these is suicidal. Not to even start on the completely BS spawn system which has no qualms about putting that guy you just killed right behind you. Spawning, the new flanking.


                                    If, hypothetically, those issues were solved then there just wouldn't be the pressing need for snipers to throw themselves into close combat as everyone else does. And if that happened, then whether or not quickscoping is possible becomes irrelevant.

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                                      From what I've seen of sniping in the Ghosts videos, quickscoping isn't even needed. The time it takes for the scope to reach your view is so fast - in the videos - that's it almost identical to quickscoping. I'm surprised this is still discussed. Has anyone here not seen the videos? Killing with a sniper rifle without looking through the scope makes no sense. Quickscoping never made any sense. As others have said, it was an exploit. People liked it because it requires the thinking of a monkey to pull off. Skill? Give me a break. Learning to ride a bike requires skill.


                                      Personally I've given up on worrying about quickscoping in Ghosts. If the maps are as good as the ones I've seen so far, I'll gladly make the extra effort to stealth my way to campers and snipers for a kill. I play the game for fun. But I also play for challenges. If I want mindless I'll pop in some Mario Brothers game or BO2.

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                                        Five step fix:


                                        1: Slow down movement speed (relative to character models).

                                        Slow down strafe speed -- strafing is too fast with SMGs and pistols.

                                        Add more view bob when moving


                                        2: Add more sway to non-long range weapons, sway, not recoil, should be used to deter weapon usage outside their effective range.


                                        3: Remove 1 hit kill from shoulders and arms, let the most powerful semi-auto sniper only one hit kill to the chest and head, and let the weaker semi-auto sniper only one hit kill on a headshot.


                                        4: Make larger maps


                                        5: Do not make Quickdraw overpowered like it has been since Modern Warfare 2 where it was a part of Sleight of Hand as the Pro version of that perk: Aiming faster IS killing faster -- and there is no reason to NOT give snipers the SAME quickdraw benefit as SMGs and ARs -- because the perk should be balanced, not mandatory for all ARs, SMGs, LMGs and then banned for snipers, making snipers worse off than the other classes because they don't get the overpowered perk.


                                        I would use it on ALL CLASSES if it reduced my ADS time by 0.05 seconds.


                                        Just to elaborate:

                                        Most often when I get killed and had a chance to win, I have fired back and hit the opponent.

                                        When the opponent would not have survived a single hit, and killed you, you were most often between 0.0167 and 0.0667 seconds away from winning that fight when your opponent was in your sights and you used M8, SWAT556 or Skorpion EVO.

                                        0.03  seconds faster ADS time means that you win more gunfights where you otherwise would have died.

                                        That is powerful.