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    OK I got a tough puzzle for you on TV resolution

      Two or three weeks ago I Prestiged and started using the MP7 Full Metal Jacket with mostly Lightweight and Toughness. The rest of the class I keep changing to other perks etc. I used this class a lot before.


      Now on Saturday I changed my 42 inch (walmart) Sanyo TV to 720p instead of 1080p on the output section of my Xbox. Most of all you probably know a walmart version TV is a generic setup of the classier TVs with the same name. Heck it was only 425 dollars when I bought it.


      My KD ratio used to be around .86 before I had my stroke and since my stroke it dropped down to around .68. I was doing really bad online for the past 7 months worse than before. Now I will admit that I rarely ever quit a game so whatever KD ratio I got for that game that is what I was stuck with.


      Now since my TV settings on the Xbox changed my KD ratio for the games I played SINCE Saturday was 1.19 on my AVERAGE KD ratio. . I had 3 games that went .50 or below but the rest went up to a KD ratio of 2.5.


      That means since I changed my settings my last 65 games went WAY above in KD ratio what I have normally been playing. For the past few months I have been playing basically the same class setup.


      So wouldnt you consider that changing my TV output resolution  improved my game greatly ?


      BTW my health has NOT changed dramatically over a few days period So that leaves that out.