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    Let's Breakdown the Origins Ending *spoilers*

      FIrst off, I think it's unfair for us to think that Zombies all along has been a little girls imagination. This is just way to big of a let down for Treyarch to give us, especially from the zombies team at Treyarch, whom I must say has been exceeding my expectations with every new Zombies map.


      Origins is all self explanatory; the beginning, the start of something. This is where we learn what started this whole storyline, and I think the ending cutscenes explains it all. Theres a few things in the cutscene that point towards the beginning of zombies, not the end. First off, if Samantha had just played with her zombies toys, I would have believed that it was all her imagination. But it's the little things like how her father, Maxis, calls her and tells her to shut the window. How we can hear war sirens in the background. And how she says her dad "has a plan". Why put all these little hints into a cutscenes that is "supposedly" the end of Zombies.


      Her father has a plan, this is where him, along with his group 935 buddies are doing work with element 115, creating the German super soldiers, and wonder weapons. Why else do we hear war sirens in the background? This is his plan to lead Germany to victory in WW2. When Samantha's playing with the zombies toys, I believe that that's all she's doing, Shes not telling us the story from WaW through Black Ops 2, she's just foreshadowing the fact that she will eventually control the zombies.


      i dont know, maybe I'm just a desperate Zombies fan looking for an answer to an unbelievable ending, but I think I prove some valid points. My theory is no more correct, nor wrong than anyone else's, so I just want to here some feedback. What do you guys think?

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          Considering the way Treyarch likes to lie and screw over its customers, I think this was just them getting lazy and using one of the lamest copouts. They probably threw in inconsistent "connections" to make the fans thhere there was more to it, but there probably isn't, and they're probably looking for more ways to troll the fans again. It's a joke, they're a pretty horrible studio after what they've done this game in my opinion.

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            i believe that just after the cut scene ends that some how sam ends up in a time machine with fluffy and eddie is raised in Germany, years later eddie and maxis begin working together (this is the start of die riese) i also believe that sam somehow created the four characters out of  thin air this is why they don't remember anything

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              This is his plan to lead Germany to victory in WW2.


              Yes, she is aware her father Maxis is aiding the Germans in there attempts at winning the war, and from this, she has the ability to play it out with her toys, only she decides to get creative and turn it into a fantasy horror.


              This is expected from a child of war. They get very imaginative in order to block out real life events.


              That's my thought on it. It really is, just a game... nothing else.

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                all it is, is the beginning and the end at once

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                  first of all, the samantha we heard in the ending had an american accent, while the one we saw on moon didnt.second eddie is edward richtofen and hes what? like 12? no this isnt real this is just a troll from treyarch,third samantha has black hair in moon and a different face... suddenly she decides to have an operation? i dont think so. Clever but evil treyarch, clever but evil.

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                    first sorry for my bead english i cant speak it perfect

                    i think this is the realy bigining bifore the hole zombie apocalypse started sam play this caracters and this is in here mind but when maxis calls hem down to to test element 115 and im not sure what is thet map der rise when u can hear thet easter egg think how the things mest up so sam controles the zombies bicouse the things didint work so i think this is  how somanta gets controle the zombies so this is the real bigining and i think somehow sam imagination come to real
                    and he make the rules

                    i hope u guys understand what im saying and agen sorry for my bed eanglish
                    have a nice day(:

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                        When they first released their trailer, Samantha had an evil voice, afterward they changed her voice to a kid voice... What would you really had expected for ending? Bo3: Rated S for Squeakers... that's what happened to black ops as far as i know... they made the ending for the whole kid community that is actually playing the game... plain and simple... Just like treyarch said during the trailer... this is the end, my friend! How best way to say goodbye than being trolled from treyach? We are being trolled on a daily basis with squeakers rage quitting, trolling and such... so why change what is meant to be... That's all i had to say...


                        This ending sux, but i didn't expected anything more...

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                        ok. yes the ending seems bad. but it really isn't. its origins. the begging isn't goi g to sum up the end. the official end can be two ways. either maxis takes control or edward does. the cutscene at the end was to show us hiw this all began. where the four charicters came from where everything we've done came from. that cutscene was the beginning. that's why she says in the game I'm going to show you how all this really began. and says you have no idea how long I've been trapped. in that cut scene maxis calls them down after a sirin goes off. its clear that something bad was happening so they had to go to the basement. that's were all it started with fluffy and samantha and edward. everything we did was real but it was all created by samantha. the mystery box the perks even the charicters. she had the power to control everything. before that cutscene her father was probably working with 115. that's how she exained it in the trailer. she was going to explain how it all started with her in control. wether or not edward the kid trapped them to let them die is iffy when he was a child. and why he always wants to be in control and do it his way because as a child sqmantha always got to. that's why the three charicters can't remeber they were created by her and everything they used so she could live her game. the zombies were real everything we did was real but samantha made it a game. and she said her father has an idea. that was hiw to win the war. in conclusion it wasn't all fake. it was just the very begging. some things were different like voices and age because I'm pretty sure they didn't think they would get this far. but it was all real.