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    Done TranZit EasterEgg on Maxis side and done Die Rise EasterEgg on Richtofen's side? Help??

      Okay, well basically I did the TranZit EasterEgg on Maxis' side with 3 people and I did the Die Rise EasterEgg on Richtofen's side.


      I got both of the achievements and the tower on Die Rise is lit up in blue, but the tower in TranZit isn't lit up anymore? And whenever I search for a public match, the Die Rise symbol glows blue on the globe of the world (where you select what map you want to play) but the TranZit symbol doesn't glow and I was wondering would I have to do the TranZit Easter Egg again on Richtofen's side? Because I did Richtofen's side on Die Rise and it might of resetted the TranZit EasterEgg and I really want to do Richtofen's side.


      This is on PS3 by the way if that helps?





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