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    BlessTheCursed [BctD]  PS3 clan looking for new members.

      [BtcD] BlessTheCursed clan is actively recruiting! We are a level 17 on Black Ops 2 and level 3 on MW3. We are currently sponsored by ModJunkiez and still looking for more sponsors. We're a no-nonsense clan that expects only the best out of our members. Currently our requirements set as is:


      K/D must be 1.00 or higher.


      Must be 15 years old or older.


      Mic is not required, but definitely recommended.


      Must have a good attitude, we want to keep up a good image for the clan, not be looked at as a bunch of idiots who have no sportsmanship and who don't play the game the way it's supposed to be played.


      If this sounds like you then feel free to try out. To apply to the clan, you must first visit blessthecursed.guildlaunch.com and click the apply to clan button on the left side of the screen. After that is submitted add me PlagueKnight69 to psn so I can give you a tryout, and if all goes well, you will be asked to apply to the clan website where the team leader will accept you.