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    We need a special edition for pc!

      Today i had found out that Ghosts won't be having any special editions for PC and i think that it's total bunk,_,. I dont think that it's all that fair for most of the other editions to have another edition while we have regular, I feel that we should do a petition for digital deluxe version. how about you people?

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          Re: We need a special edition for pc!

          At this point I couldn't care a bit about any super deluxe, special, prestige editions of the game.  Right now the PC community is fighting for real dedicated servers and real anti-cheat support.  Once we get those we can talk about upgraded editions.... so basically we will never be talking about deluxe editions.

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            Re: We need a special edition for pc!

            What the PC version mostly needs is players. For one to get the servers/playlists populated, so you can atually find matches, and second, to make this platform important to the devs, again.


            And I agree with topfighther, we need proper servers, not some fancy special edition. Of course we also need good anti-cheat but imho BO2's system was already pretty good (not the servers though. Those are horrible)

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                Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                I agree that anti-cheat was very good on BO2 but BO2 was Treyarch.  Ghosts is Infinity Ward.  Ive noticed that the Treyarch games have much better anti-cheat than the Infinity Ward games so for this iteration we need good servers and anti-cheat.  On next years Treyarch game we can lean more heavy on the servers because theyve got the anti-cheat down.

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                  Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                  Th3_St4lk3r wrote:


                  What the PC version mostly needs is players. For one to get the servers/playlists populated, so you can atually find matches, and second, to make this platform important to the devs, again.




                  The PC version will NEVER have enough players to make matchmaking or "playlists" even remotely workable... NEVER


                  Even on consoles where you can get 300,000+ players online you will STILL suffer from the same flaws you see on PC.


                  Massively long wait times

                  Insanely unplayable lag

                  Stupidly unbalanced games due to party system

                  Being forced into 2v6 type hopeless games

                  Severely limited in game modes you can play



                  What the PC version needs most is properly configured, customizable, rentable, ranked dedicated servers. THAT is the ONLY way we will ever see the PC population on CoD start to rise again... Ever since MW2 introduced matchmaking PC players have been abandoning this franchise. 


                  Black Ops 2 is the least played Call of Duty title ever to hit PC, and Ghosts is already guaranteed to have even less players.



                  It's honestly not even worth their time to put out a "special edition" for PC. With the broken consolized matchmaking setup they force us to use, there aren't enough PC players with the franchise anymore.

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                  Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                  There's a special edition at Amazon UK. Hardened Edition for PC.


                  The other guys are right though. What we need is a proper player and server base, not necessarily a special edition (although I'd like it too).

                  Black Ops was great and it was great fun to play its DLC. World at War was even better and had a huge number of great maps.

                  BO2? Well, the system simply doesn't work out. You always get to play the same maps as you can't choose or stay in a lobby forever. It's just a bad choice, especially on PC where there aren't as many players as on consoles.

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                    Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                    well, there may be hope yet, they have supposively anounced that since they are ginving dedicated servers on xbox one, and that they are also bringing full dedicated servers to pc, i read this off of charlieintel.com, heres the link if u want to check to see if its possible i misunderstood something. Dedicated Servers for Ghosts MP coming to PC – UPDATE - Charlie INTEL Blog: Call of Duty Ghosts – Black Ops 2 – Modern W…

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                        Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                        War358 wrote:


                        well, there may be hope yet, they have supposively anounced that since they are ginving dedicated servers on xbox one, and that they are also bringing full dedicated servers to pc.


                        Anyone foolish enough to take the claims of Activision at face value is in need of some serious help.


                        They misled, told half truths, and screwed us over with MW2

                        They misled, told half truths, and screwed us over with BO1

                        They misled, told half truths, and screwed us over with MW3

                        They misled, told half truths, and screwed us over with BO2


                        Remember this is the company that promised "CoD4 style servers" for MW3, then gave us the most sabotaged server setup EVER to be used. (nothing even remotely like CoD4)   This is the company that claimed "ranked dedi's confirmed" for BO2 while conveniently leaving out that they were removing ALL the basic features of dedi's.


                        This is the company that claimed it would take FOUR YEARS to prep a BETA for a game that only took TWO years to make...  So according to them...

                        Four years to make one map and a few default classes...

                        Two years to make the entire game including single player campaign...



                        IF they do decide to give us "rentable servers sometime post launch" I can already guarantee they will be NOTHING like any proper server setup.  Chances are extremely high that they will be another locked down, completely 110% useless MW3 type server setup.   This claim of "rentable servers post launch" is just their ploy to get the foolish people to pre-order.

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                        Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                        k ,maybe they may fix it, cause they say on this post that they are gonna have the same type of servers bo2 had, but that a bit after launch their planning to have real dedicated, ranked, rentable servers sometime post-launch. heres the link. Dedicated Servers on PC will be ranked; rentable servers to come post-launch - Charlie INTEL Blog: Call of Duty Ghosts –…

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                            Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                            for me its sound's like a scam , this may be just to influence people to buy the game and them because wont be to many with the game they back down on their words ! let's be honest this wont convinced anyone , i hope i'm wrong about it .

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                              Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                              Dedicated server based matchmaking (=what BO2 is doing) isn't really bad. (A huge step up from P2P matchmaking like in MW3)

                              The problem with BO2 is that for some reason they decided to rent the worst possible servers available which constantly run slow, crash, etc. At the same time they thought it would be cool to have their netcode "optimised" by a drunk 3-year old.


                              Rentable dedis would be awesome, but matchmaking on dedis (what we will most likely get) doesn't neccessarily mean that it will be the same as in BO2.


                              And I wouldn't say it's a scam this year. (it was scam when MW3 was announced, since they only told us that dedis would be unranked a few weeks before the release) They never said we would get rentable dedis this time. The one thing that I really hate is their XBox/MS deals, so they won't even clearly tell us what we get. Even the PC-gets-dedis news was only spread by some guy who read on twitter that some other guy asked some guy from IW. I really hate that the XBox players get their time exclusive stuff (in this case: information) even 3 months BEFORE release.

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                                  Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                  How anyone can say matchmaking on dedicated servers is a step up from matchmaking on P2P is beyond me.  That's like saying a piece of dog s*** on a plate looks more appetizing than a piece of dog s*** on the ground... either way you're eating dog s***!!


                                  Whether it's P2P or Dedi's, with matchmaking you suffer from


                                  1) Extreme lag rendering the game unplayable.  (due to it constantly matching people across the globe)

                                  2) Having ZERO control over what server you join, or who you are matched against.

                                  3) Being SEVERELY limited in variety of game modes

                                  4) Being repeatedly FORCED into games we would never willingly join. (Hated map, 1v6 situation, problematic players, extreme lag)

                                  5) Being repeatedly FORCED back into the EXACT SAME game you just left... with the only "solution" being to change game modes.. - so in essence being FORCED to change game modes in order to change "server" or "lobby"


                                  In fact some would say the P2P system was EVEN BETTER!!!  Mainly because a group of legit players could host a lobby with MW3SA and kick laggers/cheaters/troublemakers for a clean, relatively lag free game.


                                  These problems will ALWAYS exist because matchmaking is a fundamentally FLAWED SYSTEM!!  It does not work, will never work, and cannot be "fixed" or "tweaked" to even have HALF of the functionality that proper dedi's provide.



                                  With a proper server setup the player can choose, and the community can moderate... thus


                                  1) We can stick to servers under 100ms and have virtually no lag at all. (especially when compared to MW2, MW3, and BO2)

                                  2) We can see the players prior to joining a server, avoiding both troublemakers, and these so called "pros" who unbalance the game (suspected hackers)  - Allows us to choose servers with admins who keep a clean civilized game.

                                  3) We can play ANY game mode we want, and often have a great deal of variety (player count, match timers, score, mods)

                                  4) We can easily avoid hated maps, half empty games, problematic players...

                                  5) We are NEVER forced back into the same server we just left. Leave a game with a hacker or troublemaker, you will NEVER be placed back into it against your will.





                                  To even suggest that anything using the same failed system won't be exactly like MW2, MW3, and BO2 is just laughable.

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                                      Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                      I agree that rentable dedis would be better, but guess what, WE WON'T GET THEM!


                                      All I'm saying is, dedi based matchmaking CAN be a good thing (not a super awesome thing). It ALL depends on what servers they are running matchmaking on. If we have enough servers around the globe, and people are using proper ping filter settings, it will work way better than previous systems like in MW2, MW3 and BO2.


                                      As for your arguments:

                                      1) Where the f*ck do you live, that you have such a bad connection? Across the globe? Not even close. And with a decent playercount at launch it will be way better.


                                      2) So what? Do you constantly want to avoid decent opponents? You can always leave again, or play with a Party (Something you can't do on browser based dedis)


                                      3) Depends on playercount. And you won't have any more gamemodes available on ranked dedis.


                                      4) See #1 & #2


                                      5) Could easily be fixed. Has nothing to do with matchmaking


                                      And your second list:


                                      1) I never had a ping over 80 on BO2s matchmaking.


                                      2) I don't see a difference to pre game lobbies.


                                      3) Yeah, fully customizable servers would be cool. I highly doubt they would let them run Ranked though.


                                      4) see # 2.


                                      5) see #5 of first list.



                                      The problems I see with matchmaking are mostly leavers and open game joining (resulting from leavers). Yes, proper dedis would be better, but chill the f*ck out. A GOOD (not like in BO2) matchmaking based on dedicated servers would definetly not be dog **** on a plate. I'm not trying to convince the devs to use matchmaking, I'm just being realistic. We won't get rentable ranked dedis, and I just want them to make the best out of dedi based matchmaking.

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                                          Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                          Figured you'd come up with a response like this... lets see...


                                          1) So because matchmaking sucks balls and constantly connects west coast US to players in UK, Germany, Russia, even China/Japan...  It must mean I have a "bad connection" because my internet sucks or I live in some third world country right?   Sorry, wrong.   For the record, I get around 20-80 ping in ANY other game with proper servers... In BO2 I NEVER had under 100, and regularly saw people with 200-300+  (With proper servers I rarely see anyone over 100ms)


                                          2) So because I dislike being harassed, or playing with racists, or troublemakers, or suspected hackers, and want to avoid those players... that must mean I suck at the game right? Just trying to "avoid decent players"  Sorry wrong again. I enjoy playing against skilled players.


                                          3) Actually it doesn't "depend on playercount"    With matchmaking we're limited to whatever game modes the developer chooses they want to LET US PLAY.... With servers we CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES what game modes WE WANT to play.     - Even with HALF the players, games with servers continue to offer MORE game modes than games with matchmaking do!!!


                                          4) Yes indeed do look at #1 and 2 will you.  Simple facts are that matchmaking FORCES you into games you would not willingly join... That is the very basic concept of what matchmaking does, and that concept is flawed. Taking control of the player and giving it to a broken computer algorithm is guaranteed to kill the game. (Just like it killed MW2, MW3, and BO2)


                                          5) Sure it's easy to say it "could" be fixed... However if that were the case they would have fixed it loooooong ago. I played CoD4, WaW, and MW2 on Xbox (so much suffering) and with each title players demanded to not be forced back into the games we just left. Activision claimed they could "fix it" yet they never have. To this day in Black Ops 2 it will commonly place a player back into the same game they just left.



                                          The problems with matchmaking all stem from the very nature of what matchmaking does... Taking control away from the player. When the player is unable to CHOOSE where they play and who they play with/against, it is a GUARANTEE that the game will fail...


                                          Perfect example: I picked up Splinter Cell Blacklist - The co-op multiplayer is virtually unplayable and it is ALL because it uses matchmaking. Players are unable to find and match up with other local players who want to play the same missions they do.  Give it a browser and put control back in the hands of the player, and we could EASILY group up with local players for co-op madness.



                                          Matchmaking based dedi servers IS dog **** on a plate, plain and simple. Matchmaking is the dog **** and the dedicated servers are the plate to make it look like it's "food"

                                          Edit: Actually my pizza analogy works best... BO2's setup is like a pizza with crust, no sauce, no cheese, and toppings you cannot pick. Proper servers is like a pizza with crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings of your choice.  Who in their right mind would pay for a pizza with no sauce, no cheese, and toppings they can't pick..

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                                              Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                              1) That seems like a big problem. If that is true I can totally feel your rage. In central europe this works pretty good. This seems to be more of a problem of Treyarchs server distribution in the US.


                                              2) I wasn't trying to offend you or anything. I just meant that being able to choose your opponent can also be abused for stat-whoring. Other than that this isn't something that couldn't be achieved with matchmaking. If they stop people from leaving/joining in-game sessions (there's a  thread for that in General Discussion), you can choose your opponents in the pre-game lobby.


                                              3) "choosing for yourself" would only work if we would get absolutely free control over servers. I doubt we would ever get that. Other than that, unless you rent a server yourself, you still have to play those modes that other people run on their servers. And in a lot of games (with server browsers) in the past it was hard to find a specific map/gamemode combo.


                                              4) If matchmaking would only put you into pre-game lobbys with a map-vote feature, this wouldn't be a problem.


                                              5) Yeah, waiting for IW/TA to fix something is like waiting for world peace



                                              The most important things is, all those above points are not problems of matchmaking, but of IW/TA's lousy implementation of it. If they get it right, they could build up a decent system with dedi based matchmaking. It still wouldn't be proper dedis, but better than that previous ****.

                                              • The lag issue can be fixed by providing better/enough servers
                                              • no joining of open games would fix the "can't choose guys I'm playing with" thing
                                              • proper filter options for matchmaking would make it easier to find games or specific map/gamemodes



                                              As for proper dedis, there is still so much they could screw up. What makes you think they would actually add proper feautures to their dedis? IIRC BO1's server browser was pretty shitty. You couldn't properly select a server while the list was still refereshing. In a lot of other games, server browsers have crappty filter options, or are slow as ****. What if those servers have extremely limited gametype/gamemode options as well?


                                              If they would do something like this however Dedicated servers done right - stupidly simple, we would all be happy.



                                              good proper dedis > good dedi based matchmaking > shitty proper dedis >>> shitty dedi based matchmaking >>>>> P2P matchmaking

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                                      Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                      Yeah, I agree with you.

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                                        Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                        i remember one thing , rage quitters ! if we get rentable dedicated servers , should be an option on servers config to only let out players off the server on the end of the game in case people want turn it on or let stay of , them on servers rules the admins inform player of this . them only plays who agree's with this .

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                                            Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                            and who is gonna guard my ethernet cable

                                            because you easely can yank out your ethernet cable and quit the hard way

                                            also it takes 30 seconds for me to bootup so hitting the power switch is another way


                                            sure its annoying if people rage quit , but you never should force players to stay

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                                                Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                                people can be really lazy , so even if it is 30 seconds , then enter another game . im just saying , and its not making people staying because it will be on server rules , so only plays there who wants .

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                                                    Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                                    30 sec is less then the waiting times in a matchmaking lobby

                                                    realy i do understand the issue

                                                    but you never know for sure what server you connect on the first time

                                                    even server rules show up after you joined the server not before

                                                    so if i dont like the server or its gameplay im bound to stay because some server rules?

                                                    not a good idea   that kind of rules should be shown in a server Info on the server-browser

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                                                        Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                                        problem solved , you pass you mouse corsor throw the server and info about server appears , the one's you want join are welcome and even if is a bad idea admin can config that to not happen in case of players wont play there , but having option is good . for me i play on a server like that , im sure good players appreciate that kind of thing .


                                                        the game creators can see how cs server are and get their own ideas . its easy . 

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                                                  Re: We need a special edition for pc!

                                                  Well I've felt the same for some period of time - http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200742887

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