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    Lobby Hopping

      I'm tired of sitting in a lobby for five minutes because ******* keep leaving for whatever reason.  Whether it be they're intimidated by stats, are to bad to play all the maps, or just want to be a pain in the ass, they need to go.  I really think this needs to be like league.  Until the lobby is loaded, don't show GT's.  Show matched player.  Once you're in a lobby, you vote.  Once the map is decided, lobby is locked.  You can't back out.  you can leave when it starts, but causes probation.  And when you do leave, maybe one of their supposed super advanced ai's take over, because nobody stays in the game when they join late.  BOII is almost unplayable due to people leaving in lobbies, and as soon as you start doing good, the whole enemy team leaves.  They need to fix this in ghosts.

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          At what point can you leave the lobby? I often leave a game to pick up friends. League play always puts you into a new lobby. Normal games don't do that, they leave you in the same lobby. So after a game is over (even if we won) and I need to pick up a friend for our team, I am now penalized because I left the lobby? Comparing League to normal doesn't really work here as there are a lot of differences.


          You can't totally prevent people from leaving...even if it is locked. They can always dashboard or accept an invite from a friend.  There has to be time in the lobby where you can freely come or go. 


          "Nobody stays in the game when they join late". First off, this is not true. It is all dependant on the game. If the score is extremely uneaven...then yeah...they leave for very good reason (this is a separate issue). If the game just started or is close, they will likely stay. Your blanket statement is actually only true some of the time.


          "BO2 is almost unplayable due to people leaving in lobbies". Again, I have put in many hours into this game and it isn't unplayable. Sure the enemy team leaves and you go about finding another team to play against and you continue. It usually doesn't take too long to get into another game (unless playing with a bigger party which is yet another issue).


          "They need to fix this in ghosts." - There is always room for improvement and I will agree that they should look into improving the lobby and matchmaking process for Ghosts, but people still need the option to leave at some point.

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              The problem really is streaks.  My team and I play hardpoint and demo.  There's always a VSAT up, and constant swarms.  People always leave, I end up with stats of 11,000 swarms used, and when I average them out, they average 1.2 kills.  Mainly because I call it, everyone leaves but one person, he gets killed once, leaves, forfeit.  Sure we get the win, but I want to play a game.  Not go for two minutes, call in a swarm, and win, but usually get no kills with it.  I honestly think if you leave, instead of it counting as a loss, which clearly people don't care about, it should give you a proportionate amount of deaths.  For example, if you leave and you had 10 kills, you get 50 deaths upon leaving.  If you had 20, 100 deaths upon leaving.  People leave to pad their K/D, well if they lose 50-500 deaths ever time they leave, I guarantee leaving would stop real quick.  Rather sit and take 4-5 swarm deaths than 100 deaths. 

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                  I really don't like that solution either. I think the penalties for leaving, like probation, may be a better factor. If you were to give them a large number of deaths, that ruins stats and makes the stats pointless altogether as it doesn't actually represent your actual number of deaths. It's kind of like clans with 1 member winning a Clan Op. It ruins the validity of any of their stats as they can't be trusted to be at all accurate or reliable (FYI - This is currently happening with COD BO2 TDM Clan Ops). That aside, you need to have a punishment that still punishes the user but does not falsely affect users stats.

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                      Then maybe.... 1 hour plus of probation.  Because this five minute bullshit doesn't do anything.  Big whoop, five minutes.  I can just get up, get a snack, take a piss, and come back.  My probation is over.  Not a punishment.  Maybe one hour if you leave more than once or twice in a day.  After you get an hour, leave again, 5 hours.  Do it again, 24 hours, do it again, 48, after that, 6 day temp ban, after that, 14 day temp ban.  That would stop **** right quick.

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                          With your proposal there would the time ever reset? Meaning if I left 2 times today and got the hour probation. Then tomorrow I come in and leave do I now get 5 hours? That doesn't seem right. Most people would end up getting a major probation by the time the next November comes around. Here's some valid reasons why people leave a game:


                          1) Getting spawn trapped and no reason to stay

                          2) Horrible Lag

                          3) Have to get out of the game (sometimes you just have to stop right away)

                          4) Someone is boosting/cheating and you don't want to stay in the lobby.


                          I'm sure there are other "Valid" reasons to leave as well.  With your suggestion, these people get punished for this. Just doesn't seem right.  If the game isn't smart enough to host migrate when 11 of the 12 players have yellow bars than I shouldn't be punished when I leave to find a game with better connection.


                          I get what you are saying and it would be nice if people got punished a bit for leaving a game, but I think your punishments are a bit too severe.


                          Also, not sure but I think Dashboarding pretty much kills the game and thus they would not be reporting this. Thus, if people want to leave the game they will just dashboard to get around the penalty.

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                              Dashboarding is the only way to get probation as of now, other than league.  I tried it with a second account.  I left games for an hour.  50 games, never got probation.  Maybe not huge penalties, but something more than 5 minutes.  At least 30 for repetitive offenses.  

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                          Rogue_Convict wrote:


                          The problem really is streaks.  My team and I play hardpoint and demo.  There's always a VSAT up, and constant swarms.  People always leave, I end up with stats of 11,000 swarms used, and when I average them out, they average 1.2 kills.  Mainly because I call it, everyone leaves but one person, he gets killed once, leaves, forfeit.  Sure we get the win, but I want to play a game.

                          The REAL problem is the common COD player - these days- are mostly self-centered little scrubs who only care about stats. Stats are so pointless. I don't give a flying fandango about KDR or W/L. Neither of which really mean anything. Win/Loss is such an inaccurate statistic because it assumes you had control over whether or not your team lost. A team loss is caused by the team. And more often then not we don't have a choice who we are paired with - especially in randoms. I never cared for W/L, it's a bogus stat. Get a few selfish players on your team - which is real easy these days - and you're screwed, no matter how hard you try as an individual teammate.


                          Personally, I'm looking forward to Ghosts. From what I've seen so far, it's focused on team play. And less on self gratification. I play COD for fun. In my experience, COD is much more fun when we play as a team. I level just as well while playing for my team. Even better actually. The times I've stooped to gunning for a revenge kill I usually die more often then getting the kill. So, again, I do better playing as a team. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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                        This is a reply concerning the OP about people who lobby hop to find a map they like etc,


                        I agree with you there, i feel that when you join a lobby no player should be able to see another players name/rank/stats just give everyone blanked out names "matched player", once the lobby is 50-75% full (enough players to start a game) a 30 second countdown commences (last chance to leave the lobby), during the count down every player votes for their map choice (keep the voting private so you can only see which map you have voted for, then at the end of the countdown the lobby locks in and the voted for map is displayed, this will stop players keep leaving everytime a map they dont like playing is voted for, the only way you can now leave is after the game has loaded which results in an automatic loss.


                        After a game has ended there should be 30 second period before the map lock in procedure (as stated above) restarts giving players ample oppertunity to leave a but without forcing other players to wait for 10+ minutes to get a game in the lobby they're in.

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                            No it would not it would make even more leave the moment the map is locked and it is not the one they wanted. They will never be able to force players to stay in a lobby ever. Players will leave in what ever means is needed to get out of a map/game mode they dont like or want to play and no punishment will ever stop it.

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                                Once the the countdown has reached zero the map and the lobby are locked in, you cannot leave (well not without effectively dashboarding) until the game has loaded.


                                You still get plenty of time to leave before the countdown hits zero and the map and lobby are locked in

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                                    there is more than dashboarding to leave by, you can sign out and it will kick you out of the match. then sign back in which is actually quicker then dashboarding.

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                                        You could also just turn the console off and walk away, or pull the power cable out, or if you really really dont want to play a map that badly you could just leave once the game has started....... You leaving the game once its started doesnt effect anyone else that does want to play on that map, whereas if you keep lobby hopping everytime a map comes up that you dont like everyone else has to wait for a replacement for you to be found, and then if another player joins and doesnt like the map we have to wait even longer and it goes on and on and on and on and on and on until someone who does want to play the map is found,


                                        If its that important provide a get-out clause where leaving a game before your initial spawn in doesnt count as a loss, then everyones happy

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                                  The problem is people... they will never be able to fix the community. For some reason we have gotten to a point where quitting is acceptable.


                                  I do, however, like your idea of not showing opponent gamer tags upon entering a lobby. If you are in a party, you can see your friends, but everyone else would say matched player and no info would show in the Lobby Leaderboards. Once you have played a match with the people in that lobby, you will be able to see all their stats, etc. New Players to the lobby would still show "Matched Player".


                                  As for quitting, they just need to implement a Completion Percentage that needs to be highly visible on all Stat Pages.


                                  Otherwise, they can't fix stupid. They can't fix lazy. They can't fix inconsiderate.

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                                      Unfortunately all maps are not that great in all game modes thus I personally think that I should be able to back out of some lobbies once the map is decided. I know some of you want it that way, I'm just sharing my opinion on it.

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                                          I don't have a huge issue with that. It can be frustrating when people leave as the match is counting down to it's start, but I feel the same way about certain maps. Kind of wish they would just hide the maps at this point lol You get what you get... now PLAY

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                                              That would lead to lots of people quitting at the beginning of the match or dashing out because of not wanting to play certain maps. People are not going to play the maps just because others want them too. Some just do not like some maps and will refuse to play them no matter what is done about them leaving them.

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                                          It is not just stats that make people lobby hop it is map that makes many leave the lobby since they don't want or like certain maps. Plus there is no way to lock the lobby that would prevent a person from leaving, all they would have to do is sign out/dahsboard/disconnect modem or router. You cannot ever force players to stay in a lobby they don't want to stay in. They don't have to stay just so you get your fun beating them.

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                                            I lobby hop in BO2 if Nuketown or Hijacked is voted in(and they ALWAYS are). I simply refuse to play either of those.

                                            If there are maps like that in Ghosts then I'll leave a lobby. There is just no way I'm playing on a map I hate.

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                                              NO, allowing people to leave during the beginning of a match will cause host migrations on 360 and they are a pain in the arse
                                              allow them to leave once map and lobby is revealed but give them probation then? doesnt have to be so harsh but any probation for sure till deter some people form leaving
                                              also not allowing them the time to look up people stats will be good even tho i like to do it so i know what im coming up against, allowing me to adjust accordingly
                                              no reason to wait until the match starts to give them probation
                                              we want matches to start the full 6v6 not unbalanced
                                              sure the AI could help here but still its better to have a 6v6 with ordinary people playing

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                                                No one will make me play a map I don't like.

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                                                  what about when ur in a lobby or have a group of trols on your team...what your sayin is you should be stuck on there team and not have the option to back out?

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                                                      I understand why you would want to back out, but i do believe there should be a penalty. If there is no penalty then it should be locked like you can leave but no one can join because i hate joining lobbies when you are either getting creamed by scorestreaks or the score is not close-able. Now i understand people who do good want people to either stay or new people to join, but it isnt fair for either sides of the party

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                                                      I leave lobbies since I'm constantly paired with 3-5 KD people and I have a 2.3 KD. It's not like I can't beat them it's just I don't feel like tryharding with an an94 all the time dude.

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                                                        Um maybe if you stop spawn killing people won't leave seriously get good and learn to adapt and stop exploiting the spawns. No punishment is needed just replace the player with a bot until someone joins that was the only good idea you came up with. Probation is not needed I mean why should we have to stay in a game that there's no chance of having fun in that game it's like being forced to watch a bad movie or listen to a bad song. If I am not having fun then I am leaving simple as that if the game becomes to repetitive meaning death after death or the same old guns being used then I am leaving. Why should you be able to control how people play? Why should you be able to control the player experience? You didn't buy everyone's copy and someone leaving doesn't affect you in a negative way cause they aren't changing the design with aimbots or other hacks. I will accept probation when you accept the AI Controlled Spawn System that prevents spawn exploitation. Probation isn't needed to prevent rage quitting if they make matchmaking find good lobbies for the players and they make it skill based I am sure the rage quitting will stop by most players. Anyways it's just a game and it's meant for entertainment purposes before you say hackers and boosters should be able to cheat they ruin the game and make it bad for everyone else including casual players so they need to be banned rage quitters don't affect the game majorly or change the design they don't affect anyone either so they don't need to be punished especially when they aren't having fun. If you just want to annoy them give them a survey to complete on why they quit that way the devs can figure out what's wrong.

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                                                          Some days I stay lobbu hopping. I will get in lobbys against full parties, or some lobby over and over again wiht boosters/laggers etc, Or same map over and over again. (I come across raid in groundwar to damn much)

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                                                            As Paul Harvey would say back in the day, "And that is the rest of the story."


                                                            The rest of the story is that the OP would not be making the complaint he is making if he did not play as a member of a party 100% of the time. I've been invited to and played on strong parties but under a couple of conditions: First, I did not want to hear a single complaint about people on the opposing teams backing out. Second, there would not be a single negative comment made to opposing players at the end of the match, whether they joined late or stayed the entire game.


                                                            I've taken it further than that a couple of times, as well. Players that are on the opposing team and stay long enough that a member of our team had to leave, I have asked my team to invite those opposing players to join us for a few matches. Now, the teams I've been on, admittedly, did not like the idea. Some invited the "really bad" players anyway and they were still average or, at best, slightly above average. But those gamers greatly appreciated being appreciated for their sportsmanship.


                                                            What I have described is virtually non-existent in the COD community. Instead, the status quo is to mock and make fun of players who, under different circumstances, are often not bad players. Regardless of whether or not they are bad players, they are people and do not deserve to be ridiculed, mocked, made fun of, or otherwise humiliated. For that reason, no, OP, your complaint is far from legitimate.


                                                            In addition, those players that do back out do suffer penalties.


                                                            1 - They score a loss

                                                            2 - Good kdr or not, their kills and deaths count toward their stats

                                                            3 - No XP counts toward their progression.

                                                            4 - Psychological penalty of humiliating defeat.


                                                            If you legitimately want to see an end to people leaving mid-match, you need to advocate to the devs for party-only lobbies. Merely 2 players that are above average on the same team, even if randoms, can completely dominate lobbies. I know. I lobby hunt for such lobbies unless I land in a match already underway. Once in a lobby, I rarely leave. That's not been true for the entire BO2 season. I stay in lobbies now because lobbies of parties has become much more rare unless playing objective based games. The result has been a substantial improvement in WLR. Ideally I land in a lobby in which there is another player as "good" as myself. Invariably we will end up on opposing teams for many matches in a row, the game is a challenge and fun to play. When we end up on the same team (and there is a way to manipulate your performance so that this happens), the margin of victory our team has over the other is usually not far from what the OP describes.


                                                            Equally invariable, though, a party of 3 or more will enter the lobby and that throws off the matchmaking dynamics. When that happens, the teams are anything except balanced. You can't fault players for having the odds so overwhelmingly stacked against them and, thus, forfeiting the match.


                                                            Well, I guess you can do anything you want. But it doesn't exactly make your "skills" shine.


                                                            In any case, a partied up team of above average players complaining that others are worried about stats and they are not is just facetious, at best. Really it is somewhat pathetic.


                                                            And that is the rest of the story.