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    Hacker Problem

      A guy named HammerHamlyn had hacked my account and pushed me all the way back to level 1 ( i was prestiege master) it took 10 months of gaming. He hacked me and sent me a  message saying and i quote "you stupid ***, you need to die in hell and have fun leveling up again ." and im very fustrated because not only was i hacked, i was hacked by one of my best friends



      No one will see this probally but if someone has the skills to help me or even give me some tips, that would be great. I had diamond smg's and that took about all summer. i had a kd of 1.10 and.. well.. i'll be waiting for a responce.

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          Report this abuse to Sony.


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            If he sent you a message through the PlayStation Network, you can report directly from that message .. Quit Black Ops > Go to the message (select it without opening it) > Press the triangle button > Scroll down to Greif Report > Select Harassment/Bullying .. PlayStation will act on that within a short period of time ..


            I had some guy in a lobby threaten to hack my account .. He verbally stated he had my IP and I better not log off .. Later on he sent a message stating the exact same thing (not smart on his part) .. I filed a grief report with Sony and forced an IP change with my ISP just to be sure.. I never heard from him again ..


            Also, remember to keep your passwords complex adding numbers and letters capitalizing some letters randomly, do not enable DMZ on your PlayStation, do not link your forum account to your PlayStation Account, do not link your Facebook account, this will help minimize risk since these areas have been identified as vulnerable ..



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              Did your best friend hack you remotely or was he/she playing on your console?

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                  Sounds to me like he was playing on the console, went into BO2 under the username and did a fresh start.  Easy if you haven't set up so that you need to input your PSN password.  No hacking required.  The alternative is this is someone who has done a fresh start and now wants their stats back.

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