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    treyarch please fix

      really.....been in a few matches now where the ping is 35 and goes all the way to 600....what gives...you have been given ways to fix it...you have done downloads for other fixes for problems lesser than these....how many people will you lose before you fix the problems that cause people to leave.....come on...we already paid for a good game...make it great and fix it....we are all tired of complaining about the same issues since day one....more problems occurred after last fix.....help us who are helping you...we are telling you what the problems are and have even given you solutions to fix those problems...what is taking so long...again really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Re: treyarch please fix

          Hello UndreamtStone


          Thanks for posting! With any kind of online game you are bound to run into lag, so its impossible to completely eliminate it.


          What we can do is try to troubleshoot your connection and make sure you have the most optimal connection to play online. Now, are you currently playing on a wired or wireless connection? What console are you currently playing on? Can you please head on over to  Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test and run a test and post the results.







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              Re: treyarch please fix

              The OP's issue and observations are not uncommon and I've seen my otherwise 50-70 ms pings jump to 400 ms and higher in-game with no ISP sharing nor concurrent excessive internet usage. My observations are that it's occurrence is rare but often, not always, associated when playing in a party.

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                  Re: treyarch please fix

                  Hey, I had not see your reply. Indeed I noticed the same issue when playing in a party today.

                  First game, I had 60ms ping ,my friend joined mid-game with 70ms ping. Then, we grouped together and could not find any game with less than 85ms ping, most of the time over 110ms. Thus we had both some random ping spikes over 180ms ping.

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                      Re: treyarch please fix

                      I have thought many times about not using the very convenient, though less than intuitive, Steam's Voice Chat and using some other COM program like Skype; Clan's have their own preferences e.g. Ventrilo. I know there's quite a bit of VoIP lag in Steam's but getting several different players to get into a Skype voice chat is a bigger pain.

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                    Re: treyarch please fix


                    I agree with you on the first point, but your company must admit the same problem is reported by thousands of player worldwide. that's not only a 'normal' lag like any online game. There is a difference between an acceptable lag and what we experience on BO2 MultiPlayer.

                    Weeks after weeks the game is even more lagging for anybody (high jitter, teleport, freeze, fail hitbox and hitmark detection, FPS drop, etc..). Also, sometime servers are rendering in kinda Slow motion or like a 'chopper' , that's not playable.

                    We are in 2013, most of gamers have a better connexion and your game is even more lagging than Quake or Unreal tournament was 10 years ago. That's a shame.

                    Nothing wrong with you of course, I assume you cannot talk about it if you do not want to lose your job, but there is a real issue at least on PC with the multi and I'm pretty sure Activision/Treyarch know it.

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                        Re: treyarch please fix

                        Pff...not to mention really broken lobbies where you're 'Moon Walking' in s-l-o-w motion or the fun 'Let's do the Time Warp' where you're teleported all over the place and often forwards then backwards. Most folks instantly leave those lobbies, but to me everyone is laughing their butts-off having a joy ride.


                        Yeah some servers and lobbies get ridiculous.


                        The latest patch from about a week ago has totaled this game in way too many lobbies.

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                        Re: treyarch please fix

                        21 ms ping       32.35mbps dnld         4,23mbps upld.....running an amd phenomII x6 1035t processor  2.60ghz

                        8gb ram

                        64 bit operating system

                        GeForce gtx 650 Ti video card   ...............................and it was my ping that was at 35....other people were much higher and 2 had over 600 ping

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                            Re: treyarch please fix

                            European internet was messed up for the last few weeks. Level 3 and a couple other ISPs has huge latencies across the board. A guy in England was complaining on the D3 forums about huge latencies for everyone and people being constantly disconnected.


                            Has anyone tried a network test against another server in the area of which ever BO2 server host you normally connect to to rule out ISP issues?

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                          Re: treyarch please fix

                          Unfortunately they can't "fix" it...


                          Things like this are just another PERFECT reason why PC gamers are abandoning this franchise like rats from a sinking ship. If we had simple basic PC features like proper servers, access to console, ability to tweak some of the config, etc... then problems like this simply would not exist.


                          Players could always choose local servers to eliminate lag, and tweaking things like maxpackets, maxfps, snaps, etc, would allow us to make the gameplay smooth.


                          Instead they treat us like consoles, as if all PC users play with the exact same hardware/software.

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