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    Why does everyone complain that zombies is too easy?

      I strictly believe that zombies is only as easy as you make it. Much like it is also as fun as you make it. Zombies is only easy because you make it easy. Now, I can't say this goes for everyone because I know some people like to make it really challenging to make it fun which is what I do. If you believe that zombie is too easy, make it a challenge for yourself. Do something that normally gets you down and try to do it without getting down. For instance, try setting a round goal and try making it to that goal without pack-a-punching, without crafting any buildables, without purchasing any perks, spending only a set limit of points, training in a very difficult area, camping in a very difficult and dumb area, opening all doors to increase the amount of zombies coming flooding your way, using only certain guns. I've seen a bunch of good challenges on this forum. Try one of those. If you wan't, I could even give you a challenge that I doubt'll be easy. If it's too boring and easy, don't play it or make it more fun and difficult.

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