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    Absolute Worst Zombie Map Of All Time?


      For me:


      Tranzit.  This map was supposed to be the introduction to Blops 2 zombies, and it certainly didn't meet expectations.  If anything, they lowered them.  I feel I should list the reasons why it was a huge fail.


      (1) Tried to play off the whole, "New, giant playable zombies maps!" It's true this map was bigger than any other previous map, however the playable portions barely managed to reach the area size of Call of the Dead.  So, in all seriousness, this was a lie.


      (2) The release of zombies didn't just include tranzit, there was also the portioned off maps to give off the appearance of multiple maps.  If you ask me, this was a fail as well, considering all map portions are available in Green Run.


      (3) Turned.  I'm including this with Tranzit because it's where it first appeared.  Turned was the biggest fail of Blops 2.


      (4) Tombstone was a joke perk.  Concept was decent, but it didn't even make my list of top 10 favorite perks.  Map was way too big to traverse it and get your tombstone, and people would ragequit regardless.


      (5) The Jetgun!  Lol what the hell were they thinking?  A difficult buildable that sucks even when you manage to build it?  Just plain garbage.  They should have just made a decent box wonder weapon like previous maps.


      (6) The Bus.  It's glitchy, and frankly I never ride it once I'm set up.


      (7) Denziens ruined what could have been kind of good.  All those areas being opened up, with some extra features they could put in?  Sounds like Treyarch got lazy there.



      What about you all?

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          I didn't feel anything special with Shangri-la. The wonder weapons were crappy and the map design got old after a while. I love every zombie map in it's own way but shangri-la has to be at the bottom of my list.

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            I second Shangri La.  The paths are just too narrow and there is no good place to train zombs.  I mean if you like training them around the entire map, then fine, but I hate doing that.  I want a good little area to run circles and figure 8s and U's.

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              I agree with the original post. Treyarch was getting everybody's hopes up saying they were making a huge effort for zombies and Green Run was very dull and made my expectations for future maps drop. Green Run is nothing but tiny maps linked together, almost like Treyarch said "well we have about a tenth of a zombies map made, lets just link em together and make it seem way bigger than it is. Such a let down.

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                Gonna have to say Trashtown, with Green Run not far off, Trashtown was a massive letdown given the hype it got, and a total rip off to CE buyers such as myself and i need not go into detail why

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                  Tranzit is far from one of my favourite maps, but I find it ok as an occasional experience, and certainly appreciate it's concept, even if it didn't fully deliver.  For me though, it is essential to play with tombstone, and also with people that will start the round next to your tombstone. 

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                    Are people really still whining about Tranzit? lol getalifekid

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                      I actually find die rise to be worse than tranzit. Die rise got very boring very quickly. The size of it was small, and the only new things it introduced was minions (boss), the crappy whos who perk and the trample steam and sliquifier. The minions were annoying more than anything and the sliquifier was the only new good addition, oh and the an94 on the wall. The perk elevator system was a joke because sometimes when i pack a punched the elevator would drop a level, and i lost my 5000 pts and my upgraded gun. The room with the mp5 was so empty as well. I seriously don't know why they included that room.


                      For me Tranzit, nuketown and die rise were all crap.

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                        I agree that after being promised "the biggest most ambitous zombies map of all times" we got transit. We were also promised a story mode which I haven't quite figured out what the story is suppose to be. They put all these new features into the game and don't give an explanation or even the slightest clue of what's going on. I hate permanent or persistant perks although if tombstone worked like its permanent version I would have liked it instead of leaving some stupid drop where u went down. No flopper on any of the maps, well why would they take out everyones favorite perk other than to piss them off. No flopper took half my weapons away because honestly what's the point in the rocket launcher without flopper! Nuketown or should I say puketown zombies was way too small to be fun especially with 4 people but still an improvement to transit. Die Rise really sucked too I got downed from poor game design more times than I could count and with buried Wally the white trash moran got in my way everywhere, zombies could swing through each other, and it just seemed way to easy to go down! I'm all for a challenge but I wouldn't be anywhere near a zombie and they would swing and I would go down. If it wasn't for Alcatraz and Origins BO2 zombies would be a complete waste of a huge success. BO2 zombies was a downgrade when compared to BO1 zombies and Origins should have been where BO2 started instead of giving control over to the Zombie B Team who clearly don't care what fans want!

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                          Just my two cents but whenever ppl say how much they hate nuketown because of its size, take a second and think to the multiplayer map, now back to zombies. were you really expecting it to be bigger? I understand you guys too its a small map and i dont really care for it, but to me it feels most like a W@W map due to size and simplicity so it was a nice break from tranzit and green run in general.


                          Now for the OP, id have to say Dead ops (lol jk that isnt a map) id go with Die rise as well. its literally the only map ive never really wanted to play since its initial "luster" faded away.


                          PS: im kinda surprised nobody has said five. most ppl hated it

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                              yes i did expect Nuketown to bigger because in pre-release interviews, 3arc themselves said they were gonna expand upon it, open up the bunker for underground areas, open up trinity avenue, they were gonna make it a proper story like map like T-Zit, Die Rise etc, but because they spent no time on zombies to begin with, they had to rush Green Run and Trashtown, while cosmetically it looks good, its actually smaller than the MP map with the uneccesary debris, and it was given the green run basic $hit survival map treatment, meaning very few perks, no buildables, no story, no WW, all around is $hit, and considering i got the HE just for this considering what they said, they really let me and others down, Nuketown could've been the best zombies map ever but they wasted that opportunity which is such a shame, but there not getting my money for any CEs again.


                              Side Note: Five is one of the best maps IMO, glad it hasnt been mentioned

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                              Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit Tranzit. Should I write it a few more times? if you like empty space for 80% of the map, a **** wonder weapon, and terrible map design then this is your map.

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                                BO2 zombies as a whole was boring to me, the worst map is transit buy far.


                                Transit: I hate taking the bus to get to places, box locations where to spread out, sh*t ww, pap was a pain to get to, lava was a painin also. Only every play it for the we so I can do Richthofen's end game.



                                Die Rise: don't really hate it, its just a pain to navigate.


                                Mob of the Dead: is zombies on training wheels. This map puts me to sleep to many times. They made it to easy to get to high rounds. From round 14-40 you really don't have to fire a gun, if you get the spark and hells redeemer, plus you have the monkey bomb gun that you and another player can have.



                                Buried,: Map had some cool features but it was to glitches out, and to easy. With the witch giving you perks and everyone having perma tombstone you didn't even have to do the easter egg to get all 7 perks. Pllus you had the hold your hand bombs, and the bank so close to you. I use this map to up my stats and fill my bank for ee runs.

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                                  TranZit for sure. It's the only map I really dislike. Terrible, terrible map. I can't get over how terrible it is. I mean Bus Stop? Were they ******* with us? It's smaller than Untoten, difference is Untoten is actually good, very atmospheric and has a purpose existing that isn't laziness.

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                                    Why does everyone hate Tranzit?? It's one of the better maps. The reasons why...

                                    1. No stupid wonder weapon

                                    2. It's hard

                                    3. If it didn't have diezens, fog, and lava, it would be too easy. Imagine the map without it. You could just go anywhere and easily get to a high round.

                                    4. The bus is a great idea but if u don't like it walk

                                    5. Buildable parts were a good idea.

                                    6. Lack of weapons on the wall - makes you be more tactical with how you use your bullets


                                    It seems to me that most people want a map they can master in 5 mins and then moan about how easy it is. Try getting to round 40 on Tranzit without glitching!




                                    Worse maps -

                                    Buried. Ive played it 5 times and got to round 35. The guy who walks around is a silly idea. Beer and candy.... I'm sure this map was made by 10 year olds. Plus noobs shoot him and scare him off. I hate the maps which are too silly.


                                    Moon - the most annoying map. The whole concept of Zombies in Space - it's like a really crap sequel to a 70s horror film. Plus those stupid bouncy things in that room above the pyramid. Why?? I've downed myself so many times by accident.


                                    Shangri la - not as bad as the rest but I couldnt get into this map. Plus it was too easy. Shrink ray? I want to kill zombies in a massacre not turn them into adorable like creatures! Lol

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                                        you clearly are not a true zombie player if you think 3 of the best maps are actually bad maps, and the worst map ever is good, and the $hit Gun is stupid, its not even a WW, and Tranzit isnt hard, its easy, there is a place to train for each player

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                                            Ive played all the way back from the beginning. Nazi Zombies was better. The creepiness of the maps. What's good about Tranzit is that it's not silly like a lot of the new maps. Just normal guns and no gimmicks. The concept most of you don't get is it's a survival game. It's not survival if you have unlimited big weapons, perks, ammo. If it was condenced it would have made a great WAW map.


                                            Best maps: Die reise, Call of the Dead, Tranzit, mob of the dead.

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                                              Buried was not a good map, there is way too much wasted space, way overpowered ww, you can literally customize the map to how you wish, the camping spots are almost no different than being in a glitch, you can have every single thing possible complete including maxing out the bank all perks....... On round one. Zero challenge on this map. And to say that you can make it as hard as you want would just be ignorant. As far as tranzit goes, it is the harder map but because everything is way spread out. a co-op high round on this is slightly more impressive than all the other maps excluding juketown and bus depot. Worst map is buried in blops 2 and considering bloops 1 crushes2, buried takes it. I would say 80-90% of everyone on buried now is in a game attempt to rank up.

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                                                  buried you either love or hate, it was about time we got a decent WW in BO2 as all others have been $hit, its not even insta kill past round 100, so its no that OP, i prefer them ammo based, so one shot can take out a horde instantly rather than a ongoing burst taking 5 secs, OP weapons make game more fun, buried is fun, and thats what i play zombies for

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                                                  That is all opinion you moron? How is HE not a real zombies player because he likes Tranzit but doesn't like Buried or Shangrila? I say you aren't a real zombies player because you like 5, don't go past 20 and don't use DT2. How does that make you feel? You freaking jerk.

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                                                      i know its his opinion i was merely stating how can he think that, but each to their own, i dont have to use DT if i think it is $hit, and its not as if i quit as soon as i hit 20, but generally on most maps besides the challenging maps like five/shangri-la, the game gets boring and repetitive past round 20 and is no longer fun which is what i play zombies for

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                                                  TranZit takes the cake on this one. The map is too spread out, making the acquisition of perks and box weapons an annoying process. Pack-a-Punching is also a tedious process on TranZit, having to go to the Power to set a turbine before making the trip to Town every single time you want to pack. The buildable Jet Gun is quite simply the worst "special" weapon we've been given, ever. The thing is not worth building to use. I'm surprised that they did not give us a more suitable Wonder Weapon instead, like a new ice gun to counter the elements on the map for instance.


                                                  Conceptually, Tombstone is not a bad perk. What makes it a fail is it's presence on TranZit. While it is useful when playing with friends, as they could easily just spawn you back where you died, although it could take them some time getting over to where you train, playing public matches makes the perk a pain to actually use successfully, because most people will not show you the courtesy of spawning you back where you died, in my experience. This perk would be more useful on smaller maps, although even then I would advise against actually using it.


                                                  TranZit is quite simply an interesting concept gone awry. The map is abundant with training spots, making high rounds easily obtainable, yet at the same time its painful to play having to travel so much to hit the box, open Pack-a-Punch, etc etc, considering that the Bus is almost never close at hand, and teleporters don't always spawn you where you want to go, quite the opposite actually. I find myself running through the fog to get everywhere instead.


                                                  Out of all the maps that Treyarch have pumped out so far for Black Ops II, I'd have to say that TranZit is the easiest, most annoyingly tedious Zombie map thus far. After all the hype, I expected so much more from TranZit. It just feels incomplete and rushed. There's so much more to say about the map, but I believe this will suffice.

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                                                    The addition of the permaperks or persistant perks pretty much saved bo2 zombies. None of the maps that have them are great maps. The permaperks and the easter eggs are pretty much the only reasons to go back and play tranzit, die rise and buried. Motd is awesome but gets pretty boring after round 40. Nuketown would have been way better if there was an achievement or at least a workable easter egg. They really just threw a bunch of trolling nonsense in that map when they could have done a lot of cool things with it.

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                                                      Die Rise, It's just a map, no matter what, that I can't get into.