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    Transformers DLC. What should they look like?


      From the beginning of “War of Cybertron” to the recent 2013 award winning video game “Fall of Cybertron”, High Moon Studios have improve the art form of the game. High Moon Studios haven giving Transformers fans better quality in the DLC as well as gameplay. Certain maps from War for Cybertron such as Fortress, Orbital Debris, Streets I would love to see again in the sequel of Fall of Cybertron. The one map that I cant get enough of is Fall of Cybertron’s map Desolation. Having a map so huge and elegant made gameplay more fun and exciting.  As a Transformers fan of High Moon Studios, I feel for the sequel of Fall of Cybertron should have more space to fight just like Desolation as well to have maps that are on Earth and on Cybertron. My five nominee’s for a ideal map would be the following is Earth, Kaon, Iacon City, The Ark, and Trypticon Obital Station. I belive that placing these maps on the next game will bring more fun and entertainment. High moon is it possible to see these places in the next game? What you guys feel about these ideas?