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        10. Re: Invisible glitch

        Ditto that. These guys are giant mega douches. Ran into a guy last night with a 1000+:1 KDR. Checked his elite stats - he's played 30 hours, killed over 6000 people, and died 6 times (probably from before he had the hack installed). No Assasin, no Blind eye.


        His elite stats show he's playing 12 hours a day with this hack - looks like he's trying to milk it before he gets banned.


        The only way to install this hack is with custom firmwae on the ps3 - I'm pretty sure this would violate some kind of EULA with Sony.




        Garbage players that are ruining it for everyone. I'm about to quit MW3 permanently. If that happens, then I'm not buying Ghosts.

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          11. Re: Invisible glitch

          Actually they dont cover their tracks... You wont see them on elite coz they put the glitch on their custom class!!!!!! You will easily know  if someone used the invisible glitch, when they joined the game and use their class w/ a glitch it will lag or freeze the game for 3 secs... they will only be invisible once they use the custom class w/ a glitch

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            12. Re: Invisible glitch

            Hello Don,


            The game has a built in reporting system the developers hope you use when encountering cheaters online. Whatever program used to create this hack/modification breaks the EULA and TOS of Sony. We are investigating the issue accordingly and insist that players use the in game reporting system to file a report against these players. The security team will look into the reported players' activity and respond according to the online Code of Conduct seen here: http://community.callofduty.com/message/205673932#205673932


            Regards, ^JH

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              13. Re: Invisible glitch

              The invisible hacks are becoming more and more frequent, every day you run into to at least 2 or 3 of these douches, not to mention the UAV hackers, Red square hackers, etc etc.....

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                14. Re: Invisible glitch

                alihaiy has been reported multiple times, but he's still plaguing sabotage with the invisible glitch every times. I_DO_BATHSALTS is an other one.


                There is a lot of more guys doing this, but those two are good example how the "online" report isn't working... believe me, alihaiy is not a false report !

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                  15. Re: Invisible glitch

                  here another name for that list.   HELL--EVIL

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                    16. Re: Invisible glitch

                    Perhaps patching the game would be more effective rather than trying to deal with this on a case by case basis? I'm sure there are a ton of false reports from sore losers which wastes everyone's time as they try to sort through them. Maybe if IW actually support their game when stuff like this comes up at the end of each gaming cycle, people wouldn't be so quick to call hacks when it's just them getting out played (either by skill or IW's inability to provide a solid connection for players like in MW2 and COD4).


                    CN: Fix the damn game.

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                      18. Re: Invisible glitch

                      frickin kills me everytime I see it. they're buying/selling this crap

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                        19. Re: Invisible glitch

                        List of hackers using invisibility cheat on PS3 MW3:




































                        I have been submitting support tickets about these cheats since 31st of July via www.support.activision.com - I've not had a single acknowledgement and I don't think Activision really cares anymore because ruining Modern Warfare 3 like this is freeing up the server space as everyone quits the game. All Activision care about now is $$$$$ from the new Ghosts game.


                        I'm really fed up with the way Activision is letting us down like this - it proves they really only care about the money and don't care about us.


                        Oh and don't forget to check out this youtube channel, there's plenty of tags on there -  the invisibility hack:


                        MW3 God Mode + Invisible Class Mod - No Jailbreak - w/Download - YouTube

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