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    Idea for another Zombies map!

      I was looking through all the zombies maps ever made and I thought, "Why can't there be an underwater map?". So here I am about to tell you EVERYTHING of what I think should be there


      First of all, Zombies:

      I think the zombies should have scuba gear on them to make it more sea-like and that it should give the map more of an ocean feel!

      I also think there should be a robot in a diving suit(like the old ones ) and that he killed you in one hit after round 10. (of course 2 hitting you before hand)


      Second, The beginning:

      It should start off on a boat with a submarine ready to be anchored into the water and into the watery city which should be called "New Atlantis". Before we get there though the start should be getting to the Submarine before the zombies overwhelm you! (adding a bit of Moon feeling!). Once inside "New Atlantis" Round One will start and the zombies shall swarm in. Of course the water aspect will be introduced later on, so don't worry!


      Third, Wonder Weapons/Perks:

      There should be 2 new Wonder Weapons, the Reefed Darter and the Water Applier, both of which are extremely powerful with plenty of ammo!

      The Reefed Darter would shoot out hardened seaweed which was fused with Element 115 thus giving it as much power as the Wunderwaffe and Raygun combined! When Pack-A-Punched it should be called the Seaweed Surge Producer and it would have 10 bullets per clip and 30 bullets overall!

      The Water Applier should be like the sliquifier and shoot out water at zombies to slip them over and when Pack-A-Punched it should be called the Watery Detention Application Device which could fill an entire room with water and drown the zombies! This would only have 3 bullets per clip and 12 Bullets overall!

      Perks! They are awesome and I want all of them in there! Plus the Perk-A-Cola from Origins! So now to the new PERKS (YES PERKS)

      There are 2 new perks, Watertight Grave and Water Efficient!

      Watertight Grave would make you able to breathe underwater without a suit and would make it so when you went down you would teleport to the safest area on the map and keep all perks (except for Watertight Grave) and weapons. It would cost 4000 points since once you have it you're extremely safe!

      Water Efficient would use the water around you to keep your ammo at full, so in other words, more in water more ammo!

      It would cost 3000, since it gives you the benefits of MAX AMMO!s


      Finally, Special Items:

      There are 3 special items, the OxyMask, the Defibrillator and the Hacker Device (Like in Moon !)

      The OxyMask would be ESSENTIAL, making you able to breathe in water (obviously xD!)

      The Defribillator is for those who can't get people up in time and they die so pretty much if the person died and you had the defribillator you would have 1 minute to get to the marked area of where they died and hit the ground with the Defribillator! It will have a 30 second recharge though since it's so powerful

      The Hacker Device is self explanatory, just look up moon!


      I think this is a good idea but I want your thoughts on it so, without more delay I think the map should be called:



      I hope you guys like this idea!



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