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        great Idea. Could you imagine a game mode with NO lil 11 yr olds.? sweet . no more hearing about "you camper. You suck." etc. HC seems to weed out those players quite a bit.  As long as HC stays the same i'll probably keep with the COD franchise. I never touch regular core due to the new feature called LAG COMPENSATION. This feature alone is enough for me not to play that mode. HC still has that, but its got very high bullet damage and low life and NO HEALTH REGEN that it doesn't really matter. Core its takes so many bullets and with lag compensation. that no matter how well placed your bullets are, you can still get killed with a OHK super cannon from a quick scoper who only knew you were their because he was taking damage..


        we need more HC styles.

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          ghamorra wrote:


                   What if weapons required skill and accuracy rather than aiming in a general direction and spray until you got 50pts?


          Having more moderate kill times (like Black ops 2 and Black Ops 1 as opposed to the fast kill times in IW games) does reward greater accuracy and skill but the problem with CoD games in general is that most guns barely have any recoil and hipfiring has always been a little too accurate.


          ghamorra wrote:

          Movement speed was reduced and flinch/recoil had a greater effect while injured?


          I think the characters (even without lightweight) move a little too fast in BO2. Not because I can't hit a moving target but because it really messes up the function of the game and then when you put lightweight into the mix that is when you have people appearing out of nowhere etc. To be honest I hate flinching, I think it's a stupid mechanic.


          I don't mind that Treyarch tried to make the game more fast paced but BO2 is not fast paced, it's pure chaos.

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            And why if HC was a little more CORE? Remove team killing and we're all set

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              I have to say, I like this response.


              thinking out load....


              Imagine a game mode where:

              - you do not have to shoot someone in the chest 3 times before they drop (e.g. same health as HC - maybe a bit more)

              - no health regeneration

              - your kill streaks do not kill your teammates

              - no HUD (unless you call in a UAV - or at least enemies do not show up on the HUD unless a UAV is up, regardless if their guns are suppressed or not*)

              - you cannot be kicked because some fool decides it is funny to set off your equipment

              - shooting your team mates causes damage, but never enough to kill them (i.e. you make it easier for the enemy to get a kill, but you are not awarded a kill so you cannot be kicked - this could the effect of less trolling because the trolls are only hurting themselves)


              * would this make the usage of a suppressor useless? no 100%: Because people are now using their senses more, a suppressor would allow you to get in closer to a group of enemies and be less noticed when firing


              again... just thinking out loud

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                I think the game could benefit from making a gamemode between Core and HC, the only issue is segregation of the community between 3 modes.


                A solution to this would be one playlist with one mode, a moshpit style game of this medium Core style.

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                  Ghosts will solve this problem - because Infinity Ward guns always kill much faster - no more getting hit markers and having your victim turn on you and take you out.  Looking forward to that.

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                    It would mean that the Devs would have to re-balance all the guns. You ever realized how some of the "not so good" guns in Core are dominant masters in Hardcore? There's a reason for that. Gun balance is centered around the Core mode. If they lowered the health, even just a little, it would mess up everything. For example, almost every assault rifle would become a two hit kill. It's just something you have to keep in mind.

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                      Really!? LOL... what version of IW games were you playing!?

                      (I am just kidding around but...)


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                        And I love this (for those of you who think there was no lag in MW2...)


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