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        The subplot about Jerry dating the nudist was pretty good too.  Loved Elaine's comparison of the male body to a Jeep, haha.

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          I actually didn't think Spader was very good on The Office, Iron.  His character just felt totally flat and was totally unlikable, in my opinion.  Really, that's not his fault, though.  The writing in some of those later seasons was just not very good, so I'd say the blame there falls on the writers.  Not that it matters too much, since I don't think Spader's going to be attempting too much humor as Ultron. 

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            Ultron cracking jokes would be bizarre to say the least, haha.  I'm sure Whedon can find plenty of other ways to work in the humor, like with Hawkeye.

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              Just don't know how they are going to attack it but I'm sure they will be pretty serious but they also used humor pretty effectively in Avengers 1, although I think you and I disagree about that a bit Hawk. Spader can do both and so I am excited about the casting.

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                Some very exciting news!  Katee Sackhoff recently talked about how she's been in contact with Marvel and they've asked about her availability for early next year.  Chris Evans has said that Avengers 2 will start filming sometime around March.  Joss Whedon has said in the past how he's a HUGE fanboy for Battlestar Galactica, the show that brought Katee fame, and has hired actors from the show before in his other projects.  So, it looks like there's reason to believe she could end up in Avengers 2 in some role.  What role, well this is where things get fun!


                On BSG, Katee played a brash rebellious often sarcastic hotshot pilot and in roles since she's usually been some variation of a tough and headstrong person (she's also blond).  So based on that, I think we can rule out Jan and Wanda who don't really fit that.  I don't think we'll see She-Hulk at this stage, Tigra probably won't ever end up in a movie, and we already have a Black Widow.  A villain is a possibility but Enchantress doesn't really fit and I don't know about Viper since she was just in Wolverine.  Abigail Brand is definitely a possibility and Whedon was the one that created her when he was doing the X-Men comics.


                I think Ms Marvel and Mockingbird fit the bill the best and for once that aint just my Bobbi bias showing, haha.  Both of them would be easy enough to fit into Avengers 2 as an Air Force pilot/SHIELD agent.  I reckon it'd be a pretty minor role similar to Maria Hill or Coulson in A1 since Whedon already has a lot on his plate introducing Ultron and the Maximoff twins.  There's been a lot of talk lately of a Ms Marvel solo movie and putting Carol into Avengers could be a way of easing her into the universe and letting audiences meet her before tackling a solo movie.  Katee doesn't have a big household name to headline a movie, but neither was Chris Hemsworth when he signed on for Thor.  In the case of Bobbi, Whedon and Feige have mentioned Clint will have a bigger role in A2 and will get fleshed out more.  Could Bobbi be involved in that?  I'm not sure, there's gonna be a lot going on to worry about any romance sideplots, even a small one.


                It's definitely something to think about.  For all we know she could end up as nameless SHIELD Agent or the role gets cut and we never find out, but speculating is fun, haha.

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                  Katee is denying any involvement with any Marvel movies.  Apparently there was a bit too much speculation or reading into what she had originally said.  However she would be up for a role if it was offered to her (who wouldn't?).

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                    Yeah, I saw that, but it's still pretty cool there's been at least a little communication between the two parties since I bet Katee would make a great superhero.  It also makes me wonder that there might still be some role to be had just from the fact that there has been contact and availability talks, regardless of whether Katee is the one that gets it.  It's not like Marvel is gonna cancel a potential Carol Danvers movie or cameo cause they can't get Katee for the role.  I guess we'll have to wait and see!


                    In other news, here's a video about the casting of James Spader as Ultron!  The host quotes Whedon as saying that Spader was his first and only choice and says Ultron is "very human and humorous".  Ultron is definitely very human as far as robots go with the complicated relationships with Hank, Jan, Vision, Jocasta, and Akhema, though I'm kinda scratching my head at humorous.  Hopefully they don't go too jokey with Ultron since I want him to be a real frightening threat to the Avengers and not just standing around trading barbs with RDJ all day.

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                      Elizabeth Olsen has finally been confirmed as Scarlet Witch and now she's opened up about the role!  Looks of good stuff there where she talks about reading comics as homework for the role and she sounds genuinely excited for it.  And here's another bit from Olsen!

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                        Glad she is excited about the part and she seems to be a good choice for Wanda. Very interested to see how they will utilize her chaotic hex powers.

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                          I wonder what kind of costume we'll see?  Hopefully, she gets something like her current costume over in Uncanny Avengers.  I think it's save to say her classic stockings look is out, haha, but I just really hope we don't get the Ultimate look.  And curly hair, they need to give Olsen the big curls.

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