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    trey arch and activision

      believe it or not guys,,....they are reading and listening to our complaints....it just takes time to fix...so keep up the good work and if they get enough complaints about the same things I am sure they will do what they can to fix it....

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          I don't know what happen to the thread you made sometime ago this week which I had made a long comment on your post.


          It just disappeared when you accidentally made a multiple post yesterday. Maybe the moderators accidentally delete it.

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            Alot of player complain about some guns being OP, they got nerfed... They ban hackers/boosters/glitchers... But how many time do I need to complain about QS so something gets done? It defy any human logic, and they clearly don't own any degree in rocket science... This game is supposed to be somewhat realistic, so how dafudge do a sniper is still allowed to run around like a rambo? Just saying

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                COD series are more arcade shooters than realistic.

                Imo, it's the reason these games are popular. It's fast and nervous and a good choice for folks who like fun and/or competitive 'ESports' games. (as Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament/Tactical Ops, Quake were or still are)

                These kind of shooters requires fast reflexes and a good accuracy. So the server connection quality is an essential point to enjoy the game. (that's one main reason why many players leave BO2 on PC: because of the server lag)