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    Origins "Lost Little Girl" Detailed Text Walk Thru (EDITED "SPOILER ALERT!")

      Black Ops 2 – Origins “Lost Little Girl” Steps - SPOILER!


      Location Aid Assumptions

      Robots march from West to East

      12 O’clock = North


      NOTE! THE Easter Egg CAN NOT be completed on easy mode!!!


      Please post the level at which you completed this easter egg. And enjoy....


      Step 1a – Building Elemental Staffs Secure the Keys”


      A) Finding parts….


      Ice Staff (blue)

      1. Record - Tank Station by Generator 2 (3 locations all in bunker)
      2. Staff Parts - Only when it is snowing, Dig Piles (3 parts)

      Fire Staff (orange)

      1. Record – In Church
      2. Staff Parts - (1) Kill Armored Panzer soldats Zombie (Round 7 - Drop reward)
      3. Staff Parts - (2) Start Generator 6 (reward box)
      4. Staff Parts - (3) Shoot down aircraft with orange glow. There is a audible indication when it is out. (raining) Will drop staff part around dig site (2 O’clock)

      Lightning Staff (purple)

      1. Record - Wind Cave
      2. Staff Parts - (1) Ledge only accessible from tank (1st section before stop on right)
      3. Staff Parts - (2) Ledge only accessible from tank (2nd section by dig site on left)
      4. Staff Parts - (3) Ledge only accessible from tank (2nd section by church on right)

      Wind Staff (yellow)

      1. Record - Lightning Cave or near its entrance
      2. Staff Parts – One part in each of the 3 Giant Robots – To enter - Shoot glowing foot to open hatch and have that foot step on you. Part inside. (tricky)


      In order to continue all generators must be activated…. AND all remain activated for progressing the EE


      B) Assembling the staffs


      Head to the dig site you should find a black record.

      1. from the 12 o’clock position (North), on a crate
      2. Wagon 3 o'clock (East)
      3. ??

      Head up and open the dig site (Pack-a-Punch should be active). Find the gramophone.


      In order to construct a staff (once the record and 3 parts for a given staff have been obtained) an elemental stone is required. These stones are located in the Crazy Place.


      To access the Crazy Place,


      1)    Take the gramophone to the corresponding named cave (fire staff = fire cave, ect..)

      2)    Place gramophone on bench to open portal.

      3)    Located on a pedestal near center of room in the elemental stone.

      4)    Build exit and leave.

      5)    Repeat process inother caves to get other stones


      To construct a staff (once all 5 parts are collected, Same for all staffs)


      1)    Use gramophone to open staircase under pack-a-punch

      2)    Below Pack-a-Punch there are 4 knight statues, each a color of the 4 staffs. Go to the appropriate color statue and build the staff.

      3)    Take staff from statue



      Step 1b – Upgrading Elemental Staffs


      Ice - Step 1 - Upgrading the Ice Staff


      ·       Travel to the Crazy Place as listed in the previous step. (NOTE Any cave will suffice for gaining entry at this point forward).

      ·       Located in the blue area there are symbols on the ceiling. On the wall is a tile with circles on it. This is the Code Tile.

      ·       Using the cypher shoot the corresponding ceiling tile with the Frost Staff.

      ·       It will flip over and become blank. Check the code tile for next one.

      ·       Repeat four times.

      ·       When completed Samantha will talk “… so much closer…”


      Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.46.46 AM.png


      Ice - Step 2 - Upgrading the Ice Staff


      ·       Find  3 Tombstone like stones, shoot with the ice staff to freeze then destroy with alternate weapon.

      ·       Each tombstone (block) has 5 horizontal lines.

      ·       Stone 1 location - By Juggernaut at Right footprint of center robot (South side)

      ·       Stone 2 location - Dig Site outer ring 3 O’clock

      ·       Stone 3 location – By generator 2 thru Tank Station on edge of tank track (11 O’clock)

      ·       Samantha will talk “… so much closer than my father ever got …”


      B) Step 3&4 - Upgrading Staffs (Note! These steps are the same for all staffs)


      ·       Step 3 –Below Pack-a-Punch

      ·       There are 4 switches located on the platforms which rotate the puzzle in the center.

      ·       Activate each lever until the appropriate color that matches the staff being upgraded.

      ·       Once all 4 rings are the right color proceed to the statues and look up.

      ·       Located on the bottom ring is a small sphere ALSO the same color. Shoot it with the staff.


      ·       Step 4 –Crazy Place

      ·       Place staff on same colored pedestal.

      ·       Charge Up Staff by killing zombies next to pedestal.

      ·       Once completed Samantha will talk…

      ·       Remove your upgraded Ultimate Staff.



      Fire - Step 1 - Upgrading the Fire Staff


      ·       Travel to the Crazy Place as listed in a previous step.

      ·       Located in the orange area there are 4 stone containers. Charge the containers by killing zombies in proximity.

      ·       When completed Samantha will talk “The Ancients thought…”


      Fire - Step 2 - Upgrading the Fire Staff


      ·       Go the Church

      ·       Upstairs is a code. Reading only the orange code from left to right and document. (Cypher below)

      ·       Downstairs are numbered pillars.

      ·       Starting with pillar #4 (dark, un-numbered, covered in zombie blood)

      ·       This must be done quickly,

      ·       Shoot with the fire staff pillar #4

      ·       Using the sequence gained upstairs shoot the corresponding pillars. If done correctly all torches will remain burning.

      ·       Samantha will talk “You have come so far …”



      Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.39.40 AM.png


      Step 3&4 - Upgrading Staffs (Note! These steps are the same for all staffs - see above)



      Lightning - Step 1 - Upgrading the Lightning Staff


      ·       Travel to the Crazy Place as listed in the previous step.

      ·       Located in the purple area there are triangles on the wall.

      ·       Located to the left is the 3 sequences of 3.

      ·       Using the note/keyboard conversion from left to right.

      ·       Shoot with the lightning staff the corresponding 3 keys

      ·       When completed Samantha will talk “Your bravery will soon end …”


      Lightning Puzzle.png


      Lightning - Step 2 - Upgrading the Lightning Staff


      ·       Find Sparking Electrical Panels and turn knob/switch till arcing stops.

      ·       Panel 1 location - By generator 5 (May not be arcing…glitch) [3 turns]

      ·       Panel 2 location – Church by Tank [2 turns]

      ·       Panel 3 location - Church Upstairs [1 turn]

      ·       Panel 4 location - Between Wind Cave & Generator 4 [2 turns]

      ·       Panel 5 location - Starting location [2 turns]

      ·       Panel 6 location – Tank Station (by Generator 2) [3 turns]

      ·       Panel 7 location – Workshop near exit to no mans land [0 turns]

      ·       Panel 8 location – Dig Site outer ring (6 O’clock) [3 turns]

      ·       Samantha will talk “… all your effort …”


      Step 3&4 - Upgrading Staffs (Note! These steps are the same for all staffs - see above)



      Wind - Step 1 - Upgrading the Wind Staff


      ·       Travel to the Crazy Place as listed in the previous step.

      ·       Located in the yellow area there are symbols on the ceiling.

      ·       @@ Shoot the rings with the wind staff until it looks like the image below @@

      ·       Note I got this randomly unsure how the puzzle is worked out?


      Wind Puzzle.png

      (image from internet)


      Wind - Step 2 - Upgrading the Wind Staff


      ·       Locate 3 domes around the make and shoot them with the wind staff

      ·       Dome 1 location - By Juggernaut (Northeast side)

      ·       Dome 2 location - By generator 5 (South East, between generatorand tank road)

      ·       Dome 3 location -

      ·       Samantha will talk “……”


      Step 3&4 - Upgrading Staffs (Note! These steps are the same for all staffs - see above)



      Step 2 – Installing The Ultimate Staffs  “Ascend from Darkness”

      (If your game is set to EASY mode you will not be able to do this step and progress further... )


      The 4 ultimate staffs now need to be installed in podiums that appear after upgrading the staffs.


      Lightning Staff    Place in the Robot over generator 1-3

      Wind Staff           Place in the Robot over generator 4-5

      Ice Staff              Place in the Robot over generator 6/Church

      Fire Staff             Below Pack-a-Punch


      Return to the statues under Pack-a-Punch to regain the staffs



      Step 3 – Build new grenade “Rain Fire”


      Step 3a – Upgrading punch to Thunder Gloves (This can be done earlier and is recommended)


      ·       Find and charge 4 chests by killing zombies in proximity.

      ·       Once full chest will rise up and sink into the ground.

      ·       Chest Location 1 – Outer ring of Dig Site (2 O’clock)

      ·       Chest Location 2 – Behind Juggernaut machine

      ·       Chest Location 3 – By generator 5 (6 O’clock)

      ·       Chest Location 4 – By the Church (12 O’clock)

      ·       Note: If a giant robot steps in the location before it is full you will need to restart charging again…

      ·       Once all 4 are filled go to Generator 1 or 6 to collect your reward. It will be the bottom reward shared by all players.


      Step 3b – Charging a stone slab (This can be done earlier and is recommended)


      ·       Find a stone slab in the Tank Station (only one player needs to do this)

      ·       Take it across the map to the Church

      ·       Once at the church go upstairs and drop the slab in the holy water.

      ·       Charge the slab in the holy water by Thunder Punch killing zombies in proximity.


      Step 3c – Gaining the Air Strike Grenade (This can be done earlier and is recommended)


      ·       Grab your charged stone slab and head back to the Tank Station WITHOUT touching any mud!

      ·       (If you touch the mud you will need to return the slab to the holy water to cleanse it and try again.)

      ·       Replace the stone slab back on the table it was originally on.

      ·       Charge the stone slab again by Thunder Punch killing zombies in proximity.

      ·       When completed the new air strike grenade will appear above the table.

      ·       Grab grenade.


      Step 3d – Use the Airstrike grenade


      ·       Take the airstrike grenade to generator 5

      ·       Look to the north over the wood fence. There is a hole in the ground covered with concrete.

      ·       Another player must go into one of the robots and press a button in the center

      ·       Once the button has been pushed use air strike grenade to blast the concrete covering the hole.

      ·       Once completed Samantha says, “Souls must be released…”



      Step 4 “Unleash the Horde”


      Step 4a – Building Maxis Quad Rotor (This can be done earlier and is recommended)


      ·       Locate 3 parts

      ·       Part 1 - Brain Jar (Spawn)

      ·       Part 2 – Rotor

      o  Alcove by Pack-a-Punch (or)

      o  Below Pack-a-Punch (or)

      o  Below Pack-a-Punch

      ·       Part 3 – Body

      o  Cave by generator 6 (or)

      o  Mud Tank Road

      ·       Construct and any build table

      ·       Note: The Quad Rotor can revive downed players when active! This is one of the 4 methods of reviving.


      Step 4b – Use Maxis Quad Rotor


      ·       Launch the quad rotor over the hole. It will descendand release MANY Panzer soldats.

      ·       Note the fire and lightning staffs in tandem are key

      ·       When completed Samantha says “Find the spirit in the sky…”



      Step 5 “Skewer the Winged Beast”


      Step 5a – Shoot down Invisible Plane


      ·       You need zombie blood for this step.

      ·       Head back tothe spawn and grab the generator one reward that was left from the start…

      ·       There is a plane in the sky that is only visible when under the zombie blood effect.

      ·       Plane will have a weird orange/yellow outline

      ·       Shoot the plane down (may need a Pack-a-Punched weapon)


      Step 5b – Kill Invisible Baron Zombie


      ·       The Pilot of the plane is a Zombie Baron and he survives the crash, AND it is also invisible.

      ·       The Baron can only be seen while the zombie blood effect is active. This zombie will have a lot of health.

      ·       The Baron will be running around the Dig Site in a clockwise direction. Kill him

      ·       Even though the other players can’t see it, they can help kill it.

      ·       Once killed it will drop the Maxis Drone. Grab it.

      ·       Samantha says, “…must fuel your might…”


      If you don’t have a zombie blood…

      ·       Around the Dig Site are 3 burning wagons.

      ·       The player with the Ice Staff can shoot all three and get a free zombie blood.

      ·       Pick up zombie blood by Pack-a-Punch

      ·       This can be done once every level



      Step 6 – Upgrading Thunder Gloves to IronFists “Wield a Fist of Iron”


      ·       Go under Pack-a-Punch down to the statues and punch zombies with white glowing hands.

      ·       When you completed this by punching the last zombie, collect your reward floating there.

      ·       Repeat for all players

      ·       Note! The Iron Fists have an additional effect based on which staff you have in your possession.



      Step 7 – Charging the Gateway “Raise Hell”


      ·       Go to the Crazy Place and place all 4 staffs on their podiums.

      ·       Kill zombies to charge gateway in center

      ·       When completed the screen will go white and you will get the achievement (75G – Little Lost Girl)


      Step 8 – Meet Samantha “Freedom”


      ·       Send Maxis Drone into the gateway

      ·       All players go to the center teleporter and press X

      ·       The game will end and you can view the final cut scene……





      Bonus – FREE Pack-a-Punched MG08


      ·       After building the Quad Rotor go to the following locations and deploy, it will capture the yellow discs.

      ·       Location 1 – By Pack-a-Punch 8 O’clock entrance

      ·       Location 2 – By Church (2 O’clock)

      ·       Location 3 – By generator 5 (8 O’clock)

      ·       Location 4 – By Laboratory, generator 2 side, burning dead end alley.

      ·       Once last disc is captured a FREE Pack-a-Punched MG08 can be found waiting for you at the Pack-a-Punch machine.




      Bonus – Building a Zombie Shield


      ·       Locate 3 parts

      ·       Part 1 – Generator 2 side

      o  Alcove off connector path (or)

      o  Tank Station roof(or)

      o  End of the line past generator 2 (wheelbarrow)

      ·       Part 2 – Generator 3 side

      o  Alcove off connector path (or)

      o  Fire Cave (or)

      o  Below bridge at generator 3

      ·       Part 3 – All in No Mans Land

      o  Giant foot print Dig Site outer ring (7 O’clock) (or)

      o  (or)

      ·       Construct and any build table



      Compiled by Tallowby (XBL)  - Like this post if it was helpful

      @Special Thanks to MrDalekJD - YouTube & the Wiki for the missing pieces