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        90. Re: Xbox One getting dedicated servers for Ghosts.

        SoG_Hanix_PC wrote:


        So, I've been constantly asking questions to try and see if PS4 will be getting Dedicated Servers for Ghosts and I got a response from Activision Support.


        Twitter / ATVIAssist: @xThatTributeGuy Stay tuned ...


        While it is not a confirmation, it does make it sound like their are plans in the works to get the PS4 Dedicated Servers for this game. Not sure if we'll be getting them at launch or at some time during the lifespan of the game, but this is a big plus to me. It sounds like we'll be getting them as well and I am excited.

        Got to love Activision marketing bs, they are fobbing you off, they wont speak about the ps4 till 15th november when you all find out. Also don't trust that website

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          91. Re: Xbox One getting dedicated servers for Ghosts.

          This is a PS4 forum. We're here because something is happening, here. With time - and not that much time, in fact - it will come to pass that the PS4 is fine, the PS4 is well, and the PS4 is actually one of the best things going on. I'm certain the cloud will be a revelation to online play and as PS4 is targeted towards games, gamers and gaming, it is obvious to me that the experience will be second to none.


          Sometimes we can caught up in the terminology and details. It is speculative and people are anxious. I get that. I don't worry though. If PS4 Ghosts has issues, it will be with the development and "regressed/diluted/recycled" game play, not because X-Box One has dedis announced weeks before release and PS4 has not announced dedis.


          Trust in PS4, the fource will be with you.


          Keep calm and carry on.

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            92. Re: Xbox One getting dedicated servers for Ghosts.

            I am apt to believe Activision WILL be providing dedicated servers for the PS4 version of Ghosts.


            I mean why wouldn't they?  Many games on the PS3 have had dedicated servers for their multiplayer.  I'm not just talking about EA here.  Yes EA has paid for and built their own servers.  Microsoft has had "cloud" servers for years because of their strategy of making all their software online only.  You DON'T need to pay hundreds of millions if you want the same type of Virtual Dedicated servers that Microsoft is offering.


            There are MANY companies providing Virtual Dedicated servers as a service.  Companies like Amazon, Google, and Rackspace just to name a few.  Games like Uncharted has used Amazon's cloud services to provide dedicated servers for the multiplayer portion of the game.  It's not rocket science people.


            Many have pointed a finger at Sony for not building dedicated servers worldwide.   Why should they?  Why would Sony spent hundreds of millions just for multiplayer gaming??  Again Microsoft had their data centers built worldwide just a couple of years ago but it was meant to host their online business software.  It just happens that their business hasn't taken off and they have excess capacity.  So they decided to offer it for Xbox One game partners to use for a fee. 


            The point I'm making here is that Activision is paying to use these servers at a discount for the PC and Xbox One version of Ghosts.  By the same token it wouldn't be hard for Activision to contract out dedicated servers for the PS4 version of Ghosts.  It costs much less then physically building out servers worldwide.


            Their direct competitors(BF4, Killzone, etc..) are providing dedicated servers for their PS4 games so why shouldn't Activision put in the same effort?  If they decide not to I can tell you the backlash from their PS4 customer base will be quite harsh.  It would be like the boycott Microsoft received when they first introduced the Xbox One.  Not very good for the bottom line and the shareholders would be angry to say the least. 


            I am confident Activision knows how passionate gamers can be and doing something to upset this customer base would be detrimental to their business.

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              93. Re: Xbox One getting dedicated servers for Ghosts.

              I think we'll get them for the PS4. Sony have provided them for their first party games so they'll provide them for this.

              I also think part of the exclusive deal MS have done with Activision has a clause saying Activision can't talk about dedicated servers on the PS4 until a certain date.

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