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    [PS3] MW3 hacks getting worse - MP not playable anymore, what to do?

      Dear COD-Team,

      first I need to tell, that I'm pretty new to the COD franchise. I recently decided to get in touch with it and bought a copy of MW3 for PS3. Since then I was quite happy with the game - Of course COD can be frustrating sometimes, but all in all, I had lots of enjoyable hours of gameplay... Up to level 67.


      The first time, I got directly in touch with hacks

      Just on the day reaching level 67, I got into a lobby, which enabled infinite ammo, faster moving, high jumps and many more inappropriate features. One of the lobby-members were frequently killing opponents - please note, he wasn't even moving at all, he just shot. I tried to quit the lobby and was forced to quit MW3 because the pause menu was directly closing.

      Since that event, I didn't even know that something like this could happen on consoles. Thus I started to make some investigations. The results:

      - COD Hacks are widely available on the internet

      - Some hacks require Jailbroken PS3

      - Some hacks just can be applied using modifed savegames


      What really made me angry ...

      A day after my first encounter of cheated lobbys, I got into an XP lobby. While I'm playing, I pretty much ignoring popping up values, thus I didn't actually figured, what was going on. The match found his end and voila: I leveled up to 80 - I was pretty confused but after recapping the previous match, the following thoughts came up:

      - Cheating on COD:MW3 on the PS3 is more present, that I imagined

      - I leveled up to 80; from 67; in one match

      - @*K"!!$!!


      ... and why my anger arrises

      Nowadays, playing MW3 online is not possible anymore.

      I'm facing cheaters on even any lobby - whether he's carrying two ACRs or is placing infinite number of claymores is easily to see. Checking that there is an invisible opponent, that's killing you with a knife in weirdest situations can be a bit tricky. Recognizing someones using an aim-bot is just a matter of time: If you see a sniper with 40:3 kill-ratio that's running around on the battlefield, just shortly pushing the aim button and directly hits the trigger to get his 30th-one-shot-kill-in-a-row, then you can be pretty sure, he's using some sort of hack.


      All in all, I'm deeply disappointed

      Originally, I was looking for a new multiplayer experience. I came up with the idea, to give the COD-franchise a shot. I started with MW3 which I've really enjoyed - but f@&*ed me up because of the cheating.

      Recently, I was about to buy BO2 to continue the fabulous multiplayer experience. However, from what I've seen, the problems on BO2 are similarly. Thus, I decided to not buy it. Ghosts is just coming up, but regarding those huge security-issues on all games of the COD franchise, I doubt you are able to give your customers a product, that fulfills their needs:

      Having a game, which doesn't suffer because of hacks - using a lifecycle of at least two years.


      Further questions

      In the end, I wonder, how I can use your product furthermore.

      Searching the internet for COD hacks is easy; finding results regarding prevention of getting into an hacked lobby or even prevention of playing with cheated players is impossible.

      So I wonder, ...

      a) ... do you have any guide regarding this topic?

      b) ... what are your future plans regarding your hacking-/security-issues?

      c) ... do you plan to distribute an update for MW3 in the near future, that fully get's rid of the issues (or even curbs the hack-possibilities)?

      Kind regards


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          Re: [PS3] MW3 hacks getting worse - MP not playable anymore, what to do?

          Hey blue182,


          Sorry to hear and thank you for posting the information provided. We also thank you for wanting to report these players and can understand how difficult it can be to play with other players that aren't following the rules. When you come across any players you believe to be cheating it’s best to report them using the in game reporting feature. This ensures that the report is sent directly to Infinity Ward and helps us in punishing these players. As an alternative you can also report a player by visiting our support website here: http://support.activision.com/Contact_Us . Unfortunately, we do not have a guide on how to stay away from hacked lobbies, but we do recommend to never accept random invites as it can be a hacked lobby for boosting or other exploits. Doing so puts you in violation of the Code of Conduct Activision Support . In regards to future plans on updates for security, we are currently looking into the matter and hope to resolve these issues as soon as possible. ^SX

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            Re: [PS3] MW3 hacks getting worse - MP not playable anymore, what to do?

            Dear noob, sorry u get so upset for been **** and scared of a little hack! heres how it is. if ur only starting out mw3, ur about 2 years to late buddy, most hackers are pro's at the game, and dont bother moving onto the next one because, each mw games are getting shitter as they progress!(look at ghosts) too futuristic!im a pro at the game, many solo double moabs and 100 plus game plays using specialist, and if theres 1 thing i despise most in the world, it is ******* noobs with a death streak! please mw3, get rid of bloody deathstreaks and stealth bombers and emps! if u want to make money and get more players, dont invent a new game, make a really good one...better!support shud be only support not ******* blind the enemy nd escort air drops!and man shut up about level 67..i know ur a noob who gets excited about the colour of ur badge!ive been on level 80 for 2 years because theres no point in prestiging!so in a way, i prey on those ppl with flashy prestiges cause there all stupid and ****!mw3, allow certain hacks to continue, but hget rid of the invisiable one, dats just retarted!also, if ur using support, why not make the moab, 20 kills, and specialist with hardline..26? mess around with the game, stop wasting billions on new games dat noones buying!just look online at mw3!best game invented!noone wants to play futuristic ****!

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              Re: [PS3] MW3 hacks getting worse - MP not playable anymore, what to do?

              I know how you feel. There must be a way to stop the hacks. I'm sick of them their sad little ways.

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