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    Most memorable moments?


      With the all the DLC out on Xbox and just a couple weeks left for PS3/PC, it seems like a good time to look back on zombies and think about what the most memorable moment was for you in W@W, BO1, or BO2.


      Mine would have to be the first time doing the Moon EE. Died off right before my teammates launched the missiles, had them kill the last zombies, spawned in Tunnel 6 and run out just in time to see the Earth explode... and since I got One Small Leap, Nightmare started playing, and it felt like a finale for BO1.

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          Completing the Buried easter egg.  I had attempted 4 times with randoms and it didn't work out until the 5th try.  We must have sat there for 2 hours doing target practice.  I had my spot down... Just waiting for everyone else to hit theirs.  And finally, after like the 60th try, all perks pop up, 75Gs, and a very happy PFISH lol.

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            Has to be when i just started to play, never got in to WaW zombies at the time but then BO hit the shelves and all my friends are playing this zombie mode so i had to check it out...., the game starts i am totally freaked by these zombies coming from left and right then we all try to camp in the 1st allie room on kino, then dogs come and we all like "ouuu $hit its the boss!" i wonder what sort of a boss we have to face on round 10, hope we can make it that far.

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              FIrst time I saw someone running a train on kino. Freaked me the **** out! THen I learned the dance.

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                CotD just came out on 360 and me and my cousin we excited for it cuz at the time we didnt like ascension. We jump in and meet george, only to unload all of our ammo and be confused why he wasn't dead and we both went down. we must have gone through that same event like 5 times before one of us had the brilliant idea of NOT shooting him.

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                  When BO1 first came out I jumped right into Kino Der Toten with randoms. My first ever go at the map, we managed to make it to the mystery box, and some guy got the ray gun. I was jealous. The game ended almost immediately after that. This happened for about a month, and I finally got the ray gun. I was so happy. That game is also how I met two of my good friends. Good times, when we were noobs : P

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                    My first ever game was on Kino Der Toten and I made it to Round 73.