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        50. Re: the game is broke all you people saying its fine are the ones who run full teams all the time

        The only thing that really needs to be addressed here, is this.....These are the same damn problems we had four games ago....why isn't it better??? why is changing the ADS and reload times of a stupid sniper top priority when the game is most definitely a hack job at best....quickscoping is not the top priority....quality of game play should be and its NO different than the last 3 ******* versions.....Now we all are only able to use the same 3 guns because of /balancing/ and pray to alah that we get a group that understands the very simple mechanics of spawning enough to win a game or two in a row....Sniping is broke, cheaters never get punished, maps are too small for anything but CQB, perks are water flavored, but HEY we have camos!!!!!!

        Thank you for bending to the whiners and using all the resources to make QS the big fix because a few studs on youtube were REALLY good at it.........now all I can use it whatever SMG best fits the random long line of your so well planned roundy round maps....

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