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    Free for All: The forgotten game mode. (SAT COMS)

      I am a huge fan of the free for all game mode. Its fast and frantic and its simple and straight to the point.  The only objective is to kill everyone you see. However, that being said, the last two games and the next one up, centers its scorestreaks around the fact that you are playing a TEAM/OBJECTIVE based game.


      Let me break this down for you:


      BLACK OPS: Kills from streaks do not count towards other killstreaks. But the highest killstreak being at 12, it wasnt too difficult


      MW3: Had higher and powerful killstreaks. This time, playing objectives and destroying other streaks gave you one point towards a killstreak. If you are playing FFA, there is no extra points to gain from OBJECTIVES. Still, the fact that you could chain the streaks made it not so difficult.


      BO2: In BO2, there is extra points to gain towards your streak from assists, UAV assists, and playing offense and defense on the objectives. Kill streaks hardly stack toward your next one. In FFA, the only extra points avaible is to again destroy equipment or killstreaks. You hardly ever see any killstreaks in FFA. Without hardline, you need 5 kills just to get a UAV.


      This all brings me to GHOSTS and the new SAT COMS. So are you telling me that in FFA, If I get a sat com, the only thing it will do is show enemies that I see? Whats the point of using it then. And the fact that they are placeable means that using them would be useless.


      Its all I ask is that FFA (a core game type) be considering when devolping these things. I know team based and objective games are a much bigger player base, but we are still a player base as well.


      Any thoughts?