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    Explain the point of the ultimate wind staff.


      This thread is about the ultimate wind staff and compared with the other staffs.

      The two best staffs overall are the ultimate fire staff and the ultimate ice staff, the ice staff because it can kill full waves of zombies rather effectively with the 3 shot ability and the fire staff can kill the panzer boss instantly with the 6 shot ability and kill full train of zombies with the 3 shot and 6 shot ability. The lighting staff is not as good as the others however it has a larger ammo capacity so therefore is justified.

      Now the important part, the ultimate wind staff has 60 overall in ammo capacity so therefore it should be logically if not better or as good as the fire staff or ice staff, this is not the case it is awful against boss zombies and its ability 3 shot and 6 shot kills the zombies slowly and you struggle to kill full waves like the ice and fire can sometimes you can but a lot of luck can apply to this it sucks more at the higher rounds whilst the ice and fire staff maintain awesomeness. This in my opinion is retarded it has low ammo and sucks, what is the point of it then? The wind staff needs a immediate buff here are 3 of my ideas, increase ammo by 50% at least, make it so its ability is at least as good as the ice staff's ability or make the wind staff's ability shoot thundergun shots on its 3 shot ability and a extended thundergun shot on its 6 shot ability, this would be fair because it would have low ammo the thundergun idea is good because its wind

      What do you guys think?