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           I've been wondering how quickscoping is going to work in Call Of Duty Ghosts. I know its defiantly going to be possible because its nearly impossible to take something that big out of a game, but im wondering you guy's thoughts. BF has been saying they took it out for awhile, but its clearly still there. Do you want to see it in game or not? I personally would like to see some quickscoping, but not as excessive as it was in BO2 and MW3. Hope its harder also. Btw looking for opinions, not arguments. Thanks. 

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          I can care less if I see quickscoping I just want snipers to be useful in the hands of the skilled meaning you can get a kill at any range still. As a Tactical Player quickscoping became a problem in Black Ops 2 for me in MW3 I had no problem getting them to call me a tryhard lol. Black Ops 2 is too easy because of all the aim assist and lag that's in the game not to mention the maps were too small and the easy to exploit spawn system was too predictable. What I find funny is that the original spawn system for Black Ops 2 would of fixed itself by now because it was an AI Controlled Spawn System but no all the garbage spawn exploiters realized they couldn't spawn kill/camp/trap anymore so they complained and lied to get it removed. I am so over garbage complaining control freaks right now lol.

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            Garbage complaining control freaks too if you can avoid that saying. lol. Personally i dont think its possible to remove qs. QS i believe is possible is in any game that has weapons, but the blackscoping is the problem imo. Another opinion of mine is if they can not necessarily remove it but to shift the qs to the difficulty of BO1 or something harder.

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                It isn't a big part of the game, only 1% of the community tend to do it. Also it can be removed easily, it can also be tweaked so it is a lot harder and less common to see. I hope that it isn't in Ghosts at all or at least tweaked so it is harder. They said it wont be like how it was in the past so like I said I am hoping it is either gone or harder.


                And what makes you think it will be in the game when it is released?

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                  People have tried to remove quickscoping from games for a long time and have failed to. They can make it harder to do, but I doubt make it impossible. At least somebody will find a way to do it.

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                    Its more than one percent of the community. The reason why i believe it will be in the game is because all the gameplay i have seen of ghosts that involves qs it is still in there, but it will be harder. I understand they can still change it, but as of now i still think its in the game but harder.

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                      you clearly don't play call of duty, I would say a good 20% of people sniper/quickscope

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                        Adam1234567893 wrote:

                        so they complained and lied to get it removed. I am so over garbage complaining control freaks right now lol.

                        ya know devs dont make changes because the players "lied" to them they actually have metrics and data they use to make decisions based off of FACT

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                          if this is true they would not nerf anything, you cant get slower at doing something all of a sudden. they nerf thing due to unskilled people ********, thats the fact -_-

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