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    [PS3] Black Ops 2  Level: 45 Fun Community Fast-Leveling Clan Is Recruiting [Anyone Accepted] (Need BO2 / MW3 Players)

      New members must add: MrZeck

      once applied or you will NOT be accepted

      What Does [MCz] Have To Offer...







      • -name- Modern Combat
      • -motto- MoDeRN CoMBaT
      • -clantag- [MCz]
      • -Level- 40
      • -members: 90+


      1. - Participation in clan challenges is Required and clan members are expected to participate in the challenges and operations whenever possible. (Do NOT apply if you have no motive to compete in the challenges or operations.)
      2. - Frequent Activity (48 Hours+) Gametime.
      3. Although anyone is accepted in the clan with vacancies avaliable; doesn't mean everyone is accepted due to the fact we're on 100 members most of the time, applications are checked pretty much everyday or whenever possible.
      4. You MUST add: MrZeck in advance of applying to the clan so I have an immediate way of communicating with you when you're accepted.


      All applicants do get reviewed and decided upon within 48 hours so please don't send the leaders messages asking them to look at your application.

      Leader: - MrZeck

      Co(s) - Pro_cod1

              - AKManiac88

               - [Position Available]


      Apply here:


      Note: You need to be logged into Elite.


      If you need any queries answered or simply want a chat; message me: MrZeck or our other leaders.

      We look forward to seeing you soon.




      - We Are In Need Of Premium MW3 Players -


      Please leave a response in the discussion so I know when to check Elite