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    Banning Cod Black ops - Class action law suit

      Hello fellow gamers,


                Class action law suit against treyarch comming soon.  Many gamers are under 18 so a user agreement cannot be enforced in a court of law.  Even if you are cheating, hacking or what ever you cannot legaly be binded to a contract.  Trearch has decided to ban people that were randomly affected by hackers.  So if you are randomly put in a room by trearch and a hacker is in there you will be banned.  We the customer purchace the game and play in good faith. If you have been done wrong by trearch.

      1) you can go online and submit a complaint to the BBB. (Better Business Bureau). www.bbb.org

      2) make sure you submit a complaint to the support team and save the conversations.  You can save to a pdf file.  Print page to a pdf.  If you dont have adobe.  You can dowload cutepdf.  www.cutepdf.com

      3)  We have to allow Trearch to correct this problem in a reasonable and timely manner.

      4)  More infomation will be available as this materializes.  I have given trearch a chance to resolve this issue correctly.  I will be posting more info as it becomes available.  If this is not corrected I will create a website where we can all the customers can fight together.  I will have legal info posted, contact info, etc.   We the people can make a difference.


      Here is my case

      To Treyarch Customer support,

      You banned me for no reason and sent some canned reply... i want a refund.  I wonder how many other players you did  this to... A class action law suit it in order. I have done nothing wrong... and u have been reported to the better business bureau.   I have also asked help from the federal trade comission.  Zombies is the only reason ure company made good sales numbers.  The way u treat your customers is crap and u will pay for this.  I haven't made over a 40 on any round.  I put the game in the console and play.  I guarantee that on the leaderboards any player that got over level 60 cheated... You do nothing to catch the true people that are cheating the games.  I wasn't familiar with modding untill speaking with your representitive.  I did some research and it looks like a game gene... remember nintendo... it looked really cool i wish i could do that.  Maybe you should take these peoples ideas and incorporate into your game.  As far as glitches are concerned ... that is your fault.  Every game has glitches.  Im sorry your testers couldnt find all of them.  People used to suscribe to nintendo power just to get glitches.  If i am banned i want a message that says so... not a message saying that  i cannot connect... So i payed $60 for the game. and $20 per map pack (x) 4 map packs.  $140 is due back to me as the customer who was done wrong and not treated fair.  In good faith i purchaced this game.  I play the game and cant help who your company randomly pairs me up with.  I cannot control who i play with on matches. I couldn't reply to your message.  You make customers jump through hoops just to appeal this... If i am permanately banned I want my money back.  I will never buy another Treyarch game.  I will discontinue to carry treyarch products in my store that i own.  I will be a major detractor.  If my situation can not be resolved then i would persue legal action.   The rep that i spoke to originally was very nice and great customer service.  However he couldn't help me at all.   Its not about money its about principle.  You cant treat people this way.  THis case is far from resolved.