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    XBOX 360 Clan - Now Recruiting (OZSS) - Gold Clan Tags with 30+ members!

      Firstly, let me introduce the team:



      My name is CHAOSEnforce AU, and I am the co-leader of the clan/community OZSS (Aussie Southern Spartans). We are an Australian clan that plays for fun, yet we still manage to win nearly every game we play. Our community grows stronger every day, we already have over 30 members. We also have a gold clan tag!


      We prefer to go by the name of a community, as our members have become mates in the process. We always have fun together, and have a good laugh. The awesome thing about our community is there are actually no restrictions with your K/D or SPM. The only thing we ask is that you be over the age of 15 and have a mic. In case you're wondering, we have people in our clan with K/D ratios of 2-3, so we are definitely a force to be reckoned with.


      As a clan, we are building on having something for everyone.  The majority of our clan plays socially and for fun, and there will usually be at least one or two people online anytime of day or night. We also have a competitive side with a squad of around 6, which will very soon be entering in Australian competitions such as CyberGamer. Members of our clan also play zombies, and even other games such as Halo 4.

      Better yet, our clan has an organised forum site where we can organise clan nights (which are heaps of fun) such as Team Explosive Night, or Team Pistol Night. There is a Facebook group where we have a bit of fun. We also have a YouTube channel, and post 1-2 videos a week. We have a Top 5 Plays series, and a Fails series, with some montages too. Both are lots of fun to be a part of.


      If you would like to apply, please message myself (CHAOSEnforce AU) or the clan leader (Junkyard Corgi) on Xbox. You can also apply on the forum. The links will be below.


      www.ozss.enjin.com (Forum)

      www.youtube.com/user/ozspartans (YouTube)

      www.facebook.com/groups/OZZYSS (Facebook)


      We look forward to meeting you,