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    Did anyone else lose interest in the EEs after seeing the end of Origins?

           I'm a player who enjoys completing the EEs because they add to the story and give a (false) sense of accomplishment.  On maps like Moon they were really fun to do/rewarding... on BO2 the EEs are far from fun OR rewarding.  Getting to the point though... After seeing the ending to Origins, I lost all interest in completing the rest of the EEs I needed to do (Buried, Origins).


      I know many people, including myself, were pretty upset with how everything turned out and I wonder if anyone else just said, "f*** it!" after they saw the ending.  All the hours spent doing these EEs... for nothing...  NAV Cards... for nothing... I STILL don't understand why they had 2 different sides to choose from when it didn't matter what side you chose anyway.  Didn't one of the head Zombie guys say something like "pick a side and stick with it"






      I'm also on PS3 so I get everything a month late... you know... after the new maps lose their luster... and for once I'm kinda happy about it.  Instead of being excited to complete the final EE, this ending has broken the spell that zombies used to have over me.  

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