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    Who needs a clan we I got one

      HEllo my name is PanicRat99300 and I am here to tell y'all about an awesome clan called panic_nation we are a fairly new clan and here are some simple rulethwart I have in place



      1) NEVER rage quit

      2)No unsupportitive language while in the battle field or off

      3)Nohacking/boosting or any other action that will result negatively by treyarch

      4)you DO NOT NEED A HEADSET TO JOIN I am open to any one unless you are on my league team

      5)in clan challenges(clan member vs clan member) are permitted by me(tell me and then go battle)

      6)I do notacre about your skill level mine is most likely worse than most people's

      7)I don't care if you like to camp(how I got my first swarm) but don't expect that from other members



      Scince this clan is called panic_nation I consider these rules our consitution so Ihope I will see your application or gamer tag down below so if not good luck playing solo and my your future be black