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    Looking for people to play mw3 bo2 ps3

      Sorry if this is like a repost, my posts are not posting so yea   Just looking for some people to play mw3 and bo2.  Some private matches to practice sniping would be fun and some games of tdm and dom.  Open to other suggestions as well.  Fun is more important than k/d and w/l, but I do try my best to win and play the objective.  Just saying I'm not the type to get upset if we don't win or you go negative or whatever.  Having fun is more important to me than stats on a game.  Add me MrMeatbal1987 or MN_WetPickle I enjoy weird sign in names because they make people in the lobbies laugh.  Hope to play with some of you soon.  I'm usually online late at night.  Like 1am-5am.  Earlier on the weekends as I don't work then usually.