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    Zombies ranking system fully explained! Proven and works!

      The ranking system has been recently changed due to people hacking it, they are not making it harder for people to rank up in fact it is much easier than when the game first got released.

      People think that playing solo or on custom easy difficulty will get you a better rank, well I can tell you that you will only have a much less chance of ranking up. This is why, your kills are deducted by a percentage on custom and solo play.


      Solo play: 1 kill is worth only 25% of a regular kill on public match

      Custom game: 1 kill is worth only 50% of a regular kill on public match

      Public match: Every kill you get is a full kill so you will have a greater chance of ranking up.


      If you were to get 10.000 kills on solo play for example then you would only get 2500 worth of full kills out of it, you may get a rank up if you were to be at skull or 2 bones but past that I doubt it, same with custom games only you would get 5000 worth of full kills out of it so you may get Knife and skull but I doubt you will reach a rank higher. Public match gives you the full kills, if you want to rank up without bumping into a group of bad players then grab some friends and play a public game together. I would reccomend getting 10.000 kills in a public game and you should get a rank up even if your at Knife and skull. This method has been proven countlessly and works. If you have any issues with your rank then leave a reply to this post and I will try to help.