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        20. Re: Quickscoping

        I think they should nerf any gun that kills me while being used incorrectly yay I am using anti-quickscoping logic.

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          21. Re: Quickscoping

          Ballista weights about 7 kg, some to me if can be use to quickscope in real life

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            22. Re: Quickscoping

            I don't know about QS in Ghosts, but I know that since and including MW1, in any given match of 12 players, at least one on each team will be sniping (whether they are QSing or not may be debatable).


            That's 1/6 of players using SRs. True, SMG and AR use is much higher. That's roughly 17% of players at any given time using Sniper Rifles, and at least half of them are attempting, pitifully, to quick scope.


            The QS portion of the community is well above 1%. No doubt about it it. I'd say QSers (including wanna-be's) to be in the 9% to 10% area.


            Definitely not enough to fret over. Most of them royally suck at QSing.


            SMG use has increased significantly since BO1. I'd say 30% area. AR us is probably in that same area. SG use went down in BO2 as opposed to MW3, no doubt about it. SG use I'd venture to guess is in the 10% area, maybe 13%. So that would break down like this ...


            SMG 30%

            AR    30%

            SR    17%

            SG    12%

            LMG  10%

            Other   1%


            Yeah, that's about what I see. I could be way off, but that's about what I see, on the average, in a 12 man match.

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              23. Re: Quickscoping

              Idk what it is with this community, half of the kids playing cod today haven't even touched cod 4 or WaW. They wernt there at the times where quick scoping was considered skillful and quickscoping is still skillful. How come the players who complain about quickscoping and saying its unfair have bad kd's or just arnt able to quickscope themselves? its because since they cant do it its something thats op and they try and find excuses saying that quick scoping is op like "Oh aim assist glitches and thats why quickscoping is op blah blah blah" ... Guys do you know how many snipers out there quick scope with aim assist off? No you dont because you speak before you think or do any research on a subject. All the big name snipers at the cod ghost multiplier reveal had no problems quick scoping without aim assist; and back to the kids who play cod using reg guns, you dont know how unfair the game is until you pick up a sniper, ever thing in the game is against you. Treyarch being the dumb company they are tries to put "Normal sniping" back into cod... why the hell stick a sniper in a map where the longest stretch off land is like ******* 25 feet? and ontop of that add shotguns with the range of a sniper, smg's that kill in 3-4 shots, and lmgs with no recoil and that kill in 2-3 shots? Dont start crying about how op quickscoping is just because you cant do it yourself. Quick scoping it very skill based, (how come all the pro mlg players can quickscope?) How come you dont see a full team of snipers in an mlg tournament? its because its not viable meaning you will be outgunned against a skilled player. But who am i to say what is what, in the end its the company who makes the choices but im not surprised quick scoping is gone, cod went to **** at blops 1 because every cod company doesnt realize the group of players that made their game big (Snipers, and comp players) they dont realize that they are just babysitting the players that pick up the controller once every week instead of making a game for people who pick up the controller everyday.


              Sorry for the wall of text but im tired of people who talk about "How quickscoping is op" when they have no idea what they are talking about

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                24. Re: Quickscoping

                Maybe you are just playing the wrong gamemodes. 

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                  25. Re: Quickscoping

                  Good luck with your video game to real life arguments because they don't really have much weight. 

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                    26. Re: Quickscoping

                    There are many ways to sway statistics.

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                      27. Re: Quickscoping

                      Very well said. I completely agree with everything you said. I bet just about everyone who says quickscoping is OP is just pissed cuz they get killed by it alot because they SUCK too much to manage to hit 3 out of the 10 bullets they sprayed at the person with there smg or LMG

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                        28. Re: Quickscoping

                        I agree with that.

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                          29. Re: Quickscoping

                          This is what it seems.

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