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    Why is the League play ranking system so messed up?

      Ok these are my ranks and stats this season, please someone tell me why i am not in master:

      1. Rank 2 Platinum, 6 win streak

      2. Rank 8 platinum, 7 win streak, all 7 games against teams of MASTERS! and 3 stealth choppers in those 7 games

      3. Rank 8 Platinum, 6 win streak

      4. Rank 4 Platinum, 7 win streak, 3 stealth choppers in those 7 games.74 total wins.


      And i'd like to point out i know 3 people who were within top 25-10 Platinum who rage quit out of a game and were promoted to Master.



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          Re: Why is the League play ranking system so messed up?

          Thatz just shitty old Treyarch for you.....This season is about to end so hopefully next season they will place you  in master division...


          OAN: I think they take all your other season division ranks, then see which one you got the most and thatz what you get the following season; however, I could be wrong....


          Either way I see and hear a lot of master division kids be complaining and raging in League Play about their team, then they be the scrub to just quit on their team.. Itz a lot of people that are in master's who really dont deserve master's ;nevertheless, they have friends that carry them into master division every Season.......


          The whole probation thing is dumb, if people in master and platinum always leave their team in  mid game, due to they dont like their teammates, then they should get demoted to Low level Platinum or Gold.......

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            Re: Why is the League play ranking system so messed up?

            The sub divisions in Masters are already made/filled up. The chances of Treyarch making new subdivisons with only a few days left of the season is slim.


            They make new subdivisions throughout the season and promote people. This is why sometimes people are, "awaiting placement," for days. They are waiting for a subdivision to open.


            Correct me if I am wrong.


            Your chances of being put in master are greater next season when your league best will be a high ranked platinum. This is a theory, but from playing placement games with friends (all getting similar k/ds) we were not all placed in the same division even though we won the same amount of games and had similar k/d's and spm's. 

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