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    SkilleX Gaming Requirting

      SkilleX Gaming is an all around clan looking for players of any skill level and specific skill level. We are looking for anyone to help with our GB team, SkilleX is a PlayStation3 Clan. We mostly play Black ops 2.


      Requirements for tryouts:

      Requirements for all areas:


      Willing to make a new account

      Be active on new account


      MP Requirements:


      1.00 K/D

      Plays the objective


      League play Requirement:


      1.00 K/D for people with mics

      1.30 K/D for people with no mics

      Know the call outs for the maps

      Play as a team not by yourself


      QS Requirements:


      1,00 K/D with snipers



      For tryouts add SkilleX_Flame on PSN or add Mr_X_77 on Skype

      Add if you wanna know my info and tryout for SkilleX