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    Origins high round game (Read for details)

      I would very much enjoy getting a nice long Origins game done today. My goal is around round 45 to 50 and even higher (if everyone is willing to continue our journey.) The requirements are as follows:

      • No one under 14 (no matter how good) Reason: I just do not want to hear a high pitched scream everytime you go down
      • You have to have at least a skull and with the skull have been to at least round 25 on Origins. If you're a knife, your highest round on Origins has to be 25 or above. If you're a shotgun, you must have broken at least (minimum) round 30 before (i will check leaderboards)
      • You must be able to play 3-4 hours long
      • Be willing to cooperate as a team and we all agree on what exactly we will do concerning our gameplay during our Origins match.
      • Work well with other players and not be a money hog...which means:
        • No spending all of your money on the box or a perk and then expect someone else to spend money on the doors. I am more than happy to open a door as long as you have also contributed to someone other than yourself, likewise, i will keep the same means at hand.
      • I would prefer people from the USA; however, i have played with players like DeathBringerZen and he lives in Europe but the connection was fine, so i guess it's fine too.
      • If you are a female player, i would like it if you would not be so bitchy/bossy. Just because you're a girl on a video game, doesn't mean you can command the other hormonal monsters in our game. (I have found this to occur a lot, with the exception of CalamityCate who was pretty chill.)
      • Be able to take a joke. I find that as games prolong...people succumb to their childish and ignorant demons and develop hellish attributes by yelling at others for going down. You have an insta-revive staff, revive that motherfucker. If you don't have a(n) ultimate staff, then you're probably on round 10 or below.
      • Be able to hold a ******* zombie. Games have ended before from people taking "potty breaks" and one 5 year old is holding the zombie and we come back and we're all dead and then everyone rages..which gets me to my next point.
      • Please do not rage quit. If you do so, i will be "that guy" and tell everyone on the forums..so please, just stay in the lobby the entire time.
      • If you go down, yell, scream, suck your own ****..i don't care...just don't leave. Honestly, if your ass goes down, your rage..as do I, most people do. Just suck it up.
      • Don't look at the round and be like "I think round 30 is good enough"...no, *****, we're going as far as possible NO MATTER WHAT.
      • Don't spam music..just..don't...
      • Post your GT on this thread and i will add you when i get home. These games should start around 12:45-1pm Eastern time. So, if you live in central or the west, do the math.

      We need to plan what we're going to do beforehand. Oh, and i call the wind staff (unless someone else REALLY wants it)


      Thanks for reading and want to play.