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        50. Re: quit probation

        oh and the reason it had less people isnt that it failed, its simply that there are less of us competitive people out there and more casual gamers so ofcourse its going to have less then the other playlists.

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          51. Re: quit probation

          trialstardragon wrote:


          Not really for not everyone in it was competitive or cared to be or tried. Only some of the players did....


          Which is why IW is going with clan based system which is more competitive then LP ever could have been.

          I thought LP was quite competitive.  When you had a party of Master/Platinums v. another party of Master/Platinums, the game was very, very competitive.  (I played Seasons 3 and 4 TDM.)  I am a much better player for playing league because I went up against the best campers and best rushers. 


          You bring up a good point about lone wolves though.  A mandatory clan based LP will help better the competition somewhat.  I say "somewhat" because you're going to have terrible/mediocre clans and excellent clans.  So, just like the lone wolves, the good clans will almost always destroy terrible/mediocre clans. 


          LP had such relatively few people playing it not because it was not competitive enough, but b/c it was too competitive.  The only people that consistently won were the Masters/Platinum parties.  I played with and against these players and they were really extremely good. 


          Thus, unlike in any game mode in the non league playlist, where you have a much higher percentage of poor to mediocre players as compared to excellent players, LP had many more excellant players, relatively speaking.  So when the poor and mediocre player tries to play League, especially if solo, they get their asses handed to them and who wants to play something where they always lose.  Remember how a padding party will always back out of a lobby filled with better party during clan ops. 


          A lot of people tried LP, but they just didn't continue to play it.  The new CvC you're talking about will end up having not that many more players.  Unless, and lets hope it doesn't happen, they dumb it down somehow to make it more popular. 

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            52. Re: quit probation

            Dear OP.


            Pretty much all I play in this game now is HC Kill Confirmed. I have the titles for every single Air-based lethal streak in the game, and used a few of them for quite some time. To whit: 2200 odd Lodestar Kills. A few points here


            - I have never ever ever been put on probation for team killing. I've been kicked, sure, but its very very rare that it happens. Other than one single solitary incident with a troll, I've always had to concede it was my fault.


            - Warthog kills do not get you killed. I'm afraid I'm going to have to call pics or it didn't happen on this one. The Warthog is extremely TK happy, I've had it kill nothing but teammates and I didn't get kicked. Ultimate trollstreak for HC.


            - It takes about 10 games on the bounce getting kicked to earn probation in pubs. You categorically do NOT get probation for just one game. You need to learn to watch your fire. You aimed the war machine / death machine, you are responsible for the consequences.


            Now before you bring my stats up, I do a lot of fart-arsing about. Just last night I had a bunch of people over, we were playing wasted using DW Executioners, trying to get dumb kills (I managed to Lion King someone LOL) so really my all-time stats wont tell you much. My weekly performances, when I had the tryhard pants on for HCKC, were 1.5 - 2.0 KD, and a 500-600 SPM.


            Want to see how to beat people without getting yourself kicked? Heres a game with a couple of Lodestars and a collossal FALI at the end, and another where I hit my Swarm twice. Slow start to both, so bear with it.



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