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    AvvA Clan (USA) (XBOX 360) Sniping and Trickshotting Clan

      Hello, everyone. My name is Houndovhell. But do call me Hound. The Founder and Leader of AvvA. I envision AvvA as a up and coming sniping clan. I'm working on getting an Elgato, and a better computer so I can stop just saving sick kills and clips to my vault and actually work on a montage for once. I play MW3 a LOT. But I don't want the clan limited to one CoD. Bo2 and Mw3 for most recent. But Mw2 content is also good. Ghosts when it comes out depending on the whole quickscope/trickshot business.



      The requirments are;

      Have an Xbox 360, Have mw3/bo2/mw2, live in North America (canada, usa), and Have a mic. A recorder, and already started youtube channel would be awesome too, but is not required. Over 15 is also preferred. No name change necessary(unless you have x's and numbers. ex. "xxxKillerXXX1237" we don't tolerate that).



      We'll play a few games, 1v1, private match, and just see how well we get along.


      Gamertag: Houndovhell


      Please do message me and add me if you're interested(: