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    Brand new recreational Xbox clan needs (Any) start up members

      I'm starting a brand new Xbox clan called TMARG. (Twisted Mediocre And Recreational Gamers) Everyone is welcome. The main focus is to have fun playing games and insulting each other in a friendly way.I am Irish but have insomnia so I play random hours so no specific counties as long as you speak basic english.  I just started and am looking for some other people to help me out and hopefully get the clan up and running. A few things you should know and some rules:


      -Anyone is welcome and the start up members will be given certain privileges in the future (should the clan thrive)


      -K/D doesn't matter. This is a clan for anyone mainly mediocre and recreational players. Although a good K/D is always welcome


      -Raging is accepted as long as it doesn't go overboard and become abuse.


      -I plan on holding clan events in the future (again if the clan thrives) with various prizes and rewards


      -This are no restrictions on joining but if you do join don't start complaining if you get butthurt.


      -Insults and such re accepted and encouraged as long as they're only in fun. No bullying or abuse will be accepted especially should the clan get any female members


      -This is not strictly a BO2 clan but more of a community of people who like  BO2 and other games.


      -The clan will not be strict as I'm lazy as hell but any abuse of other members won't be accepted


      -Campers will be accepted but should expect s certain amount of abuse.


      If you're interested send me a message on Xbox Live at giantninjapony (prefered)

      Or send me a message here. I am online on this and Xbox Live and will be for the next few hours.

      If  people join and we can get this clan off the ground then expect some good things and some free stuff in the future.  Thanks