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    same lobbys with same players


      does any one get put back in the same lobbys,with the same players,i dont under stand why it does this is it because of the servers, do u guys have the same probl.????

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            What playlist are you in? Lately there has been under 100,000 people online. Some playlists have very few people in them. I play the Apocalypse playlist and there has been less than 600 at times playing TDM. If that's not the case just wait a minute or 2 before trying to find a new match.

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              Depends on how many total people are in the lobbies.


              For example in League Play there are around a total of 800 players across the world at any given time. That makes 8 seperate maps lists for each "map collection" that players have . So right there that cuts it down to about 100 people who have the maps that you have.


              So across the world you have 100 players to choose from where 80 percent of those are already in a round. Leaving around 20 people to join up with.



              Try using the avoid button. It may help.

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                if you mean you lobby hopped and ended back in the same lobby it will happen when not alot are playing that list.


                If you mean after each match it does that because it is meant to do so.


                if you mean you started playing after a not playing and ended up in a lobby of same players from earlier date refer to sentence one for answer.


                it is a bug. not really.


                Is it a problem. not really.


                Will it be fixed or does it need to be fixed. probably not.

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                  Yes many times, it is really annoying.