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    looking for laid back clan xbox 360

      I am looking for a laid back clan to join that isn't "hellbent" on k/d ratios but more so on having fun/helping. I play when I can because I have a job and kids. If you must know my ratio average is 0.49, but varies greatly depending on what is going on around the house. I am willing to learn better techniques (I am still trying to find my ground). Let me know and happy gaming.

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          Add Me On Xbox: Snipertodd800

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            you may join my clan I just started it too meet and play with new people im just a laid back and do what you can type a guy I have a job also and don't play as often as I should but when I do I see myself getting better

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              My new clan is called TMARG (Twisted, Mediocre and Recreational Gamers) we are a new clan looking for admins and members and like our name suggests we want recreational players, mediocre players and just about anyone. The clan is all inclusive and there will be clan events if your interested in that sort of thing. Please check out the clan site at


              www.giantninjapony.simplesite.com  or message me on XBL at giantninjapony.


              We are all inclusive and have no restrictions except for cheaters and modders which will be reported and blocked or console locked. When and how you play doesn't matter as long as you have fun and maybe help the clan out every now and again.  We are only a small clan right now but hopefully we'll get bigger soon. our clan is lvl 3 on Elite and we're going for 10 for gold clan tags. Check us out if your intrested in playing al sorts of games like BO2, Minecraft and everything in between, with other friendly and recreational gamers. Thanks  ~Darren

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                We are a small clan who usually play alot during the week in the evening. It does not matter how much you can play  K/D does not matter to us and some of us have the responsibilities that you mentioned, most importantly we have a lot of fun when we play.


                Hit me up with a message if your interested.


                Claymore Inc

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                  You can join my clan here is more about my clan


                  Top Gun Mulisha (TGM) is a new black ops clan with currently 18 members and we're looking for more players you don't have to be the best player we just ask members do the clan ops and Challenges we have so we can level up as much as we can if you don’t want to do the challenge its okay I don’t make anyone do one if they don’t want to and if we are all on and we have a challenge we need to play as a team together if members have a Mic that’s good if not it’s ok because we like to call out plays when we play we try to win games and we like to have fun when we are playing. If you want to join message me the clan leader my GT is Pvt Bryan 87