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    Historical Event

      Not complaining. Just want to say how much I love this game. Good job 3arc.


      And yes, I play 90% of the time in custom games. We have come up with a ton

      of great game ideas and have run with them all. One happy "Im not a camper" here...


      Our latest;

      100 kills in 5 minutes. 2 vs 9 veteran ai. Good luck trying...

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          Re: Historical Event

          Just to spark discussion. Mind listing some of these out? We might be able to use them for CGNs.

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              Re: Historical Event

              Try this one on for size


              Nuketown Free for All


              Disable custom classes, set one of these up in Preset Operative (with 17 points) and leave the rest blank


              • Knife only, with shock charges and claymores (or bouncing betties).
              • Riot Shields, C4 and Crossbows
              • Riot Shields, Combat Axes and DW Executioners
              • Silenced + Extended Mags S12s
              • Ballistic Knives, Combat Axes and Riot Shields
              • RPG only


              Perks are ALWAYS



              Fast Hands + Scavenger

              Extreme Conditioning + Dexterity


              Feel free to toss in Smoke Grenades where you have space for em

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